How to View or Delete Saved Password in Chrome Android

Want to View or Delete Saved Password in Chrome Android?

Today’s guide is about helping Android users who wish to manage Chrome passwords. I’ve added individual solutions to help readers delete and view saved passwords, so they can only keep the important account passwords.

View or Delete Saved Password in Chrome Android

It is never a bother to manage account activities while using Chrome. Maybe that’s why many smartphone users prefer to keep up with the built-in browser and avoid using the services of any third-party web browsers.

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Every Chrome user has been provided with the privilege to manage account activities, as he pleases. The browser is fully equipped to provide enhanced services to users, who are interested in making the most out of the saved account data.

How Do I View or Delete Saved Password in Chrome Android?

Time needed: 2 minutes.

If you have already signed into Chrome, you can access the saved account data, whenever you please. The tech giant’s browser allows one to delete or view saved passwords, at any instance, without having to ask for any identity confirmations.

  1. View Saved Chrome Passwords

    Chrome lets you view the saved passwords by using your account settings. Here are the steps to complete this task:

    View Saved Chrome Passwords
    a. From the main interface of Chrome, tap on the Menu icon.

    b. Select the Settings option.

    c. Navigate to Passwords.

    d. Select a website of your choice.

    e. Under Password, tap on the eye icon to reveal it.

  2. Delete Chrome Passwords

    From the Passwords interface, you can also delete the saved data, according to your requirements. You just need to command the browser to perform this task.

    Delete Chrome Passwords
    a. From Chrome’s menu, tap on Settings.

    b. Go to the Passwords section.

    c. Tap on the desired website name.

    d. Hit the Trash icon to delete a password.


How to save passwords in Chrome?

Chrome notifies a user whenever an unsaved password is entered in the web browser. As if you are not getting this facility, go to Settings >> Passwords, and enable the respective toggle.

Can I view the site’s saved passwords?

Yes, you are allowed to view the saved passwords of any website. You can navigate to the Passwords section to reveal the password of your choice.

Can I remove saved passwords on Chrome?

One can remove/delete the saved password from the same page that he uses to view them. The trash icon is made available for users who want to delete site data.

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