How to View Mobile Site on Brave Browser [2022]

Today we are guiding on how to view mobile Site on Brave Browser. You can enable the developer mode within the Brave and use the device toggle option to view the mobile view.

Another day and a fresh tutorial of Brave Browser. Brave is an emerging browser in the world. In recent times, the Brave name has grown so much that tech experts start including it in the top 5 browsers. There are so many reasons why Brave Browser is overcoming its rivals.

Brave Browser is the top-notch choice for computers and smartphones, it is available on iOS, Android, Windows, and MacOS. We have covered a lot of tutorials on different features and how-tos of Brave in the past. Trying to bring each and every discussion going on Brave at

Recently we taught you “How to Send Link to Connected Devices on Brave“. And, now we are guiding you to viewing Mobile Site on Brave. We usually do this on smartphones, when we display the desktop version of a webpage on the smartphone’s browsers. It is vice versa, we can display the mobile view of a webpage on the Desktop.

Mobile view is basically for the website and app developers, how their product will look alike on a smartphone screen. It is compulsory for developers who are targeting the audience across platforms for their product promotion. Viewing Mobile sites on Brave Browser is not so easy. You have to do some settings first in the developer tools which is a bit technical.

How to View Mobile Site on Brave

Web development is advanced and websites today are flexible that adjust their size and view according to screen resolution. The brave browser offers developer tools that mimic the mobile resolution on the desktop browser

  1. View Mobile Site on Brave

    Here are the steps to enable mobile site view on Brave computer browser:

    1. Launch the Brave browser on your Windows or Mac computer.

    View Mobile Site on Brave

    2. Open the website or webpage you want to view as the mobile site.
    View Mobile Site on Brave

    3. Right-click on the page to open the context menu. In the menu, you need to select on Inspect option, usually located the last.

    View Mobile Site on Brave

    4. Click on the Toggle Device Toolbar button.

    View Mobile Site on Brave

    5. Select the device model to emulate from the drop-down.

    6. Your desktop Brave browser will display the mobile version of the site. The screenshot displays what the website looks like on different models.

  2. An alternative way to navigate through developer Tools on Brave

    You can also simultaneously press Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + I keys to access developer tools. You can also use the Developer tools under the More tools menu from the More menu options.

    View Mobile Site on Brave

Final Remarks: View Mobile Site on Brave Browser

If you are a web developer or just a website developer, you know you need to view your product on different screen sizes and resolutions. You can’t buy all the computers, phones, and tablets but you view your product on all those on just one PC. And, Brave Browser will help you to do this.

It is a hidden trick that even many professional developers don’t know. I just discovered this trick the previous day at night while doing some office work. Found it very interesting, and shared it with my team. And today, I was a tech writer who loved to share the same experience with you.

Hopefully, the procedure is simple enough to make you understand the whole procedure. By following the written steps and visual guides you can easily View Mobile Site on Brave.

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