How to Update Safari without upgrading MacOS on Macbook [2022]

Today we are going to guide you on how to Update Safari Without Upgrading MacOS. Well, there are a couple of tricks they can apply to accomplish the task. Just like our today’s topic.

There is a problem with the stock apps of all operating systems approximately. If you want to update a stock app while the OS update is pending it will probably get failed.

The stock program is attached to the OS. Stock programs and OS directly influence each other. That’swhy the development companies launch updates for both at a time.

Here, users’ choice gets ignored. Maybe he or she will not want to update the OS but the app only. What do they need to do?

If your software version is old but safari’s new build arrives, it will not be updated automatically. You have to allow permission to Safari manually so, your Macbook can Update Safari without upgrading MacOS.

How to update Safari without Upgrading MacOS

Good news for the Apple Macbook and MacOS users. For the first time, Apple launched the Standalone update for Safari Browser that is not linked with MacOS. The new update contains 4K HDR video support, a built-in translator, and better tracking protection. It can be found in Big Sur and Monterey. So how could you verify whether the Cupertino giants have released a standalone update to their browser? Let’s find out through the steps written below.

  1. Open System Preferences

    Open System Preferences from the Apple logo menu.Update Safari without upgrading MacOS

  2. Software Update

    Select the Software Update program from the list

  3. More Info

    Click on the More info option.

  4. Select Safari

    checkbox for the Safari browser.

  5. Installation

    Hit on the Install Now command option.

That’s how you update Safari without upgrading MacOS. This procedure will work on MacOS BigSur and MacOS Monterey as we mentioned earlier. User’s using earlier MacOS versions can’t avail of this facility.

Final Remarks: Update Safari without updating OS

This was the procedure that you are looking for, Easy and well explained to make you understand better. In our point of view, you should upgrade OS before updating the app. Stock apps and OS are interlinked there are many features that work on apps because of the OS.

It may be useless if you update Safari without upgrading MacOS. Because it will not give you the optimal performance as it should. Anyhow, we respect your decision. If you have any questions, use the comment box below to ask us.

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