How to Uninstall Mozilla Firefox and Delete All Files on Computer [2022]

So, today we are guiding all such people on how one can uninstall Mozilla Firefox and delete stored files from the Computer. As the author is using the Windows OS so, the below steps written are according to uninstalling Mozilla Firefox in Windows.

Firefox is the second-best browser in the world for sure. They are considered the best browser for Web Developers. There is a long list of blogs and highly experts in technology who are addicted to firefox. Their add-on system is just brilliant. Surely it is the best after Google Chrome.

Firefox is well known for its privacy measures and they really nailed it. Sometimes the update is stuck or the current version is causing some issues only on our device. After trying all solutions the final is the Uninstall Mozilla Firefox and Re-Install it.

You know even if you Uninstall Mozilla Firefox and then reinstall it the old files will remain inside your computer. It is a strong chance that even if you reinstall Firefox there will be issues and bugs same as before. It’s important to delete files along with uninstalling them. So, you can get a fresh and new product on your computer.

Everybody knows how to install Firefox on Windows or MacOS or other OS. But, there is a very less number of people who know how to uninstall Mozilla Firefox from Windows PC or Macbooks.

How to Uninstall Mozilla Firefox and Delete Stored Files on Windows

Time needed: 5 minutes.

  1. Uninstall Mozilla Firefox From Start Menu

    Go to the Windows Start Menu, Search the Add or Remove Programs.
    Uninstall Mozilla Firefox
    Select the Aforementioned setting from the option that appears in Windows Search.

    It will take you to the list of apps that are being installed on your computer. Find Firefox among all apps.

    Right-click on the Firefox and Click on Uninstall option.

    After due time the app will not be available on your computer

  2. Stop Firefox Background Process

    Launch Task Manager on Windows using Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys.

    Switch to the Details tab in Task Manager and select the firefox.exe file.

    Click on the End Task option to terminate the process. Please make sure that close all the Firefox Process that are ongoing.

    Next, switch to the Processes tab and expand the Background Process section.

    Choose the firefox and click on the end task.

  3. Delete Firefox Program Folder

    Go to the Windows Taskbar and launch File Explorer from there. Access FireFox Folder under Program Files from the File Explorer.

    C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox

    Select the Firefox folder, and right-click to open the context menu.

    Click on the Delete optiom.

    That’s all what you need to uninstall and delete Mozilla Firefox files completely.

  4. Delete Firefox User Data

    Launch File Explorer via the Start menu just as you done above in the first step.

    Enter the following location of AppData folder location in the address bar and hit Enter.


    Make sure to replace UserName from the above address accordingly.

    Delete the Firefox folder present inside the Mozilla folder.

Final Remarks on Uninstall Firefox and Delete Stored Files

FireFox is a kind of Program that deserves to be a part of your Computer Software. A brilliant and impaccable software that is also best alternative to Google Chrome.

We tried to explain the procedue in as easier way as possible. So, i hope that you will understand easily. If you have any question ask us freely.

This was the best way to uninstall Firefox as others like Command prompt and file explorer ways are difficult.

Likewise, if you want to install Firefox Freshly and newly, its existing files could end up conflicting with the process of new ones. Even if the installation process is complete, Firefox will still use the old configuration and settings files of previous version.

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