How to Uninstall Google Chrome and Wipe Data Completely [2022]

We will teach you a way to uninstall Google Chrome and Wipe Data Completely. Afterward, we will write down the method to delete chrome data completely on your device.

Many of the blogs teach you how to install an app on Windows or Android. You should know how to uninstall that app too because it is equally important, not all blogs teach you this.

Today, we are going to guide you on how to uninstall Google Chrome and Wipe out the entire affiliated data. For people who even uninstall Google Chrome, some of the data still remains on their computers. You can say the Chrome Leftovers on your computer.

How to Uninstall Google Chrome

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Here are the steps to uninstall Google Chrome From Windows 10 Laptop.

  1. Uninstall Chrome on Windows

    All you have to do is to type Add or Remove Programs on the Windows 10 Search.

    Reinstall Google Chrome

    Click on the option to open it in Windows Settings.

    You will see the list of all apps available on your computer.

    Now click on Google Chrome in the list, and you will see an Uninstall option.

    Click on Uninstall option and confirm on the popup.

    You have successfully uninstalled Chrome on your Windows 10.

    Now visit your browser and Download Chrome’s latest version on Windows.

  2. Stop running Background Chrome

    Open Windows Task Manager, press Ctrl + Shift + Esc shortcut keys to do so.
    Uninstall Google Chrome and Wipe Data Completely
    Expand the Background Process under the process tab.

    Select Chrome (if you see anyone in the list) and click the End Task button.

    Switch to the Details tab and select the chrome.exe process. Hit the End task button

    Kill all the existing chrome.exe processes using the End Task command.

    All Chrome’s background processes will get stop. Now you are ready to delete the files.

  3. Delete Chrome Installation Folder

    Go to the Windows Taskbar and launch File Explorer from there. Access Google Chrome Folder under Program Files from the File Explorer.
    Uninstall Google Chrome and Wipe Data Completely
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Google

    Select the Chrome folder, and right-click to open the context menu.

    Click on the Delete optiom.

    That’s all what you need to uninstall and delete Google Chrome files completely.

  4. Delete Google Update Service Files

    Go to Windows search, type CMD and press enter for the Command Prompt app.

    You must Launch Command Prompt as an Administrator.

    Now you need to execute the following four commands.

    sc stop gupdate
    sc delete gupdate
    sc stop gupdatem
    sc delete gupdatem

    After that, you can exit the Command Prompt window.

    Once done all of the Chrome Update files will be deleted.

  5. Disable Google Update Task

    Launch the Task Scheduler through the Windows Search.
    Disable Google task Scheduler
    Double-click on the Task Scheduler Library to open it on Windows.

    Select the task whose name starts with GoogleChromeUpdateTask.

    Right-click to open context menu and then select Disable option.

Final Remarks: Uninstall Chrome and Wipe Data Completely

Viewers! this was the complete guide to remove Google Chrome completely from your computer from the roots. By the way, i don’t thing Google Chrome is an app that you delete. I means such a high caliber search engine and browser deserves to be on your device always.

The best browser in the world undoubtfully. Anyhow we respect your decision. If you want any further help regarding the procedure. Please feel free to ask us. Learn how to Reinstall Google Chrome.

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