How to Switch Between Chrome User Profiles – Multiple Ways [2022]

Switch Between Chrome User Profiles. Do you know there is no limit for Chrome users, Create as many Chrome Accounts as they want? Google Chrome Lets users manage multiple profiles at a time. Like I am managing more than 6 profiles for work purposes.

Likewise, you can switch to any other Chrome profile in real time. Google Chrome believes in flexibility and accessibility. Unlike me, many visitors don’t know how to switch between Chrome User Profiles while using Chrome or at the start.

So, we are here to guide those users exactly. We are guiding our users on Switch Chrome user profiles in multiple ways.

Also, there is a difference between switching Chrome Profiles and Switching Accounts. Don’t get confused otherwise, you will get signed out of your current account. So, your saved passwords, bookmarks, favorites, and browser settings would be non-conflicting in nature, i.e., they wouldn’t interact with the other profiles.

Some of the plausible reasons for Chrome’s rise to the top, then its handy cross-device support

How to Switch Between Chrome User Profiles

Time needed: 1 minute.

Here are the different ways through which you can Switch Profiles on Google Chrome. The easiest way is the Chrome Menu at the Start.

  1. Chrome Start Menu

    When you open your Laptop, type Chrome on the Windows Search.
    Switch Between Chrome User Profiles
    Open Chrome from the appeared menu.

    You will see a Chrome Startup screen offering you to choose the Account of your choice. Likewise,

    I am using multiple profiles but specifically one only for work purposes.

    That’s how you switch multiple Chrome profiles at the start-up. And, you can also open Chrome multiple profiles at a time in each tab.

  2. Profile Menu

    This is the traditional method to switch Chrome Profiles and the easy one too. But, it will close your current profile and replace it with a new one. It means you will stop syncing your current Google Account.
    Switch Between Chrome User Profiles
    Launch the Chrome browser on the computer.

    Click on your profile icon located at the top right, next to the address bar. It will open the profile pop-up screen on the browser.

    Select the desired profile under the Other Profile section.
    You can use the Chrome keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Tab on Windows OS or Cmd + ` on Mac

  3. Using the Desktop Shortcut

    Launch the Google Chrome Browser on Windows PC.

    Use Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + M shortcut to bring up the Profile selection.

    Select the desired profile.

    Now copy-paste the below location in the address bar and hit Enter on the keyboard.


    Enable the toggle next to Create desktop shortcut option.

    A Chrome profile shortcut will now be created on your Desktop, having a small badge of your Google account profile image.

Bottom Line: Switch between Chrome user Profiles

These were the possible ways through which you switch between Chrome user profiles. According to our experience first procedure is the best. Because in the other’s 2 you have to turn sync and turn Sync ON every time you switch profiles.

Also, your autofill passwords will not work. That’s why we recommend switching between Chrome User Profiles at the start. It will keep your all accounts signed in and none of you have to sign out of each Google Account.

This is the Key quality of Google Chrome that makes it distinct from other browsers. If you have any questions or points regarding today’s topic, start a discussion with us through the comment box below.

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