How to Stop Tab Autoclose in Safari Browser? 2022

Get an answer on how to Stop Tab Autoclose in Safari Browser from here. For sure, Apple has managed to get the attention of users through the iOS version 15 update.

iPhones don’t hang and that’s why people keep the apps running. One of the most common things the users keep open is, We are talking about Safari Tabs. I saw my friend’s iPhone XS Max and nearly 54 tabs were opened at that time.

Like my friends many other iPhone users do the same they keep the unnecessary tabs open.

Some people have to visit the specific same web page daily. For such users, they can keep as many tabs as they want. But in iOS 15 Apple added an auto feature. After the specified time limit the unused tabs will be deleted.

Apple users are not used to it. No, they are hating it. We brought another way through which users can disable the Autoclose tabs in the Safari browser.

By the way, Apple launched many features in iOS 15 like new Website Tinting that blends the tab bar with the website’s color, and the ability to change the start page’s background did manage to gather a few positive receptions.

How to Stop Tab Autoclose in Safari Browser

Here are the steps to change the tab autoclose feature in iPhone devices. Safari has the stock tab management feature that automatically closes all the tabs after a specific period. As you might have guessed, this feature usually proves to be the primary culprit when we talk about the tab autoclose issue

  1. Disable Tab Autoclose

    Launch the Settings on the iPhone.
    Stop Tab Autoclose in Safari Browser
    Scroll and select the Safari from the list.

    Move to the Tabs section, and select to open the Close Tab option.

    Set the option to Manually from the list.

    The autoclosing of the inactive tabs will be immediately disabled.

    Now the tabs can only be manually closed. This procedure has snatched the atomic tab closed power from Safari only when you manually close using the X from the tabs menu.

  2. Safari Stop Autoclose in Mac

    Launch Safari browser on your Mac.
    Stop Tab Autoclose in Safari Browser
    Click on the Safari menu, From the drop-down menu select Preferences.

    Switch to the General tab under Preferences.

    Under Safari, Select All windows from the last session drop-down option.

    Relaunch the Safari browser on Mac.

    The options are named differently across the Mac and iPhone, they both carry the same objective to prevent Safari from auto-closing the tabs.

Closing Remarks Safari Auto Close Tabs

Apple user’s logic to Android Users: iPhone doesn’t hang.

Android Users: Obviously it does nothing why it will hang.

That’s all from us we were told to you how to stop Tabs Autoclose in Safari. It’s our suggestion it is not good to keep an unnecessary burden on the Safari browser. Close the tabs that you don’t need to use. Otherwsie whole browser performance will not be the optimum and effective that you want.

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