How to Reset Brave Browser Settings [2022]

Here I present the proper procedure required to Reset Brave Browser Settings. I will deliver one solution that you can implement directly from the browser’s settings. And, this tweak can be implied by Windows OS users to clear the browser’s cache and data completely from their system.

There’s no involvement of any rocket science to reset or refresh Brave Browser.

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One can simply navigate to the perspective settings to complete this job, without following any complications.

Though, you should first understand what going to happen when you reset the browser’s settings.

What Happens After We Reset Brave Browser Settings?

Whenever a user resets Brave Browser settings to default, his old profile settings get replaced by a new one.

The browser then creates a backup of his files in the file directory and then enables the new profile ID with no data on it.

The old profile data can be found here:

%APPDATA%\Brave Browser\Profiles

So once you refresh the browser, it will automatically delete the following values:

  • Themes
  • Extensions
  • Add-ons
  • Site Permissions
  • Search Engines
  • Toolbar customizations
  • Manual Customizations

Now that you have identified some facts related to Brave Browser Settings reset, let’s get to the method to execute it.

How Do I Reset Brave Browser to Default Settings?

Time needed: 3 minutes.

Users can consult with the browser’s settings to refresh Brave Browser on their Windows PC. It would also help them complete this task with ease and instantly.

  1. Brave Browser Menu

    Open the Brave Browser browser on your PC and from its main interface, click on the hamburger icon. Now, navigate to the Help section.Reset Brave Browser Settings

  2. Settings

    After navigating to the Hamburger icon menu, select the Settings option. This will lead you towards the Brave Browser settings.Reset Brave Browser Settings

  3. Reset Settings to their original Defaults

    From the about Settings page that just launched, click on the Reset Settings Option located at the last of the left pane.Reset Brave Browser Settings

  4. Wait & Relaunch

    Now, the browser will start the process of building new profile data for your convenience. You need to wait until the progress bar is completed, and Brave Browser relaunches by itself.


Yes, there are some other ways to remove the old profile data and ask Brave Browser to create a new one, directly from its file directory.

But in my opinion, this process isn’t safe and may lead you to delete the necessary browser files required to launch it smoothly on your system.

So you should only implement the aforementioned procedure to Reset Brave Browser Settings and keep your browser alive-n-kicking.

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