How to Remove Colors in Tab Bar in Safari iPhone/iPad [2022]

How to Remove Colors in Tab Bar in Safari iPhone or iPad? Safari browser every new update brings a lot of customization options for sure. We have discussed it many times before with the example of some cool illustrations.

One of the key customizable features of Safari is the Tab bar color option. Users are allowed to allow or disallow color themes on the Safari Tab bar (By the Google Chrome is giving this for a long time, Apple is too late).

This feature is for easy identification of the web pages when multiple tabs are loading. The colors are automatically extracted from the website, or the site owner can define the color theme.

The silicon valley giants and the face of Cupertino California bring a lot of innovations and leftovers of Android as a “new arrivals” in recent updates.

Apple managed to live up to the hype to a large extent with a few tweaks and additions in the Safari browser. The introduction of the Website Tinting feature only made the matter worse.

The ideology behind this might be to give a more immersive user experience. Even the Apple Supporters are saying these colors get so immersed, that its become difficult to distinguish the browser’s tab from the status bar.

If you agree with those people and wish to disable the color in Tab Bar in Safari 15 on your iPhone/iPad! This guide is probably something that you need for sure.

How to Remove Colors in Tab Bar in Safari iPhone/iPad

Time needed: 5 minutes.

The Website Tinting feature on Safari is enabled by default. So, we need to disable the color theme right after you update your Safari to the latest version. Here is the procedure to disable Color Tab Bar in Safari iPhones and iPad.

  1. Disable Website Tinting on iPhone Safari

    Here are the steps to disable the tab bar color in Safari iPhone/iPad:

    Launch the Settings on your iPhone or iPad.
    Remove Color Tabs in Safari
    Select Safari from the Settings menu list.

    Scroll down to the Tabs section, and enable Allow Website Tinting on iPhone by toggling the button.

    iPad Users need to scroll down to the 
    Accessibility  > Toggle Show Color in Tab Bar.

    That’s how you disable Website Tinting on Safari iPhone. If anyone of you wants to enable Website Tinting a.k.a tab Bar colors in the iPhone Safari, follow the same steps and toggle on.

Bottom Line: Remove Color in Tab Bar Safari

This was the procedure to remove color in Tab Bar Safari. By the way, we agree with most of the users that are complaining about Safari Tab Colors. I think to discriminate the website or webpages tabs, favicon is enough.

Anyhow every user has different tastes and different choices. Some may like to keep Color tabs some may like to disable them. If anyone of you is not understanding well please ask us using the comments box below.

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