How to Reinstall Google Chrome on any Device? [2022]

A guide on how to reinstall Google Chrome on any device. In the software world, some issues and errors are so serious that we have to eliminate them by deleting the entire program. That’s most commonly occurs in browsers.

Sometimes there are some errors that crash the entire program. It means we can’t perform the less potential solutions in them as they are not working.

What is the final option left if Google Chrome is not Loading? The final thing you can do is either Update your Windows if available, or you have to uninstall and Reinstall Google Chrome on any device.

Reinstalling Google Chrome is very easy, you have to just follow the steps that you did while downloading Chrome for the first time. But many of us don’t know how to uninstall Google Chrome on Windows, MacOS, iOS, or Android.

So, today we will guide our website visitors on how to uninstall Google Chrome and reinstall it.

Reinstall Google Chrome on Windows

Time needed: 10 minutes.

Here are the steps to uninstall Google Chrome on Windows and Reinstall it.

  1. Uninstall Chrome on Windows

    All you have to do is to type Add or Remove Programs on the Windows 10 Search.

    Reinstall Google Chrome

    Click on the option to open it in Windows Settings.

    You will see the list of all apps available on your computer.

    Now click on the Google Chrome in the list, you will see an Uninstall option.

    Click on Uninstall option and confirm on the popup.

    You have successfully uninstalled Chrome on your Windows 10.

    Now visit your browser and Download Chrome latest version on Windows.

Reinstall Chrome on Android

If you want to reinstall Google Chrome on your Android Device then first you have to uninstall it obviously. Here are the steps to uninstall Google Chrome on Android.

  • Unlock your Android Phone and navigate to your App Drawer.
  • Locate the Google Chrome, tap and hold on your Android Smartphone and tablet.
  • Tap on the Cross icon and then tap on Uninstall.
Reinstall Google Chrome
Reinstall Chrome on Android

If the Uninstall option doesn’t appear in this way, then follow the below steps as an alternative way. Chrome is the stock app it maybe impossible to uninstall Chrome on Android. But, you can manipulate it through uninstall updates.

  • Select Apps and Notifications from the See All Apps in Settings
  • Search and select Chrome app
  • Tap on the More from the top right
  • Select Uninstall updates option
  • Tap on OK in the confirmation dialog box.
  • Open the Google Play app and search for Chrome.
  • Tap on the Update command button.

Reinstall Chrome in iOS

Apple devices are preloaded with the Apple Safari browser. It allows the installation of third-party browsers like Chrome from the official app store. You will not face any difficulty to reinstall Chrome on iOS.

Reinstall Chrome on iOS
  • Tap and hold the Chrome app icon to get the context menu.
  • Tap on the Remove App command.
  • Hit on Delete App in the confirmation box.
  • Its time to reinstall the Chrome.
  • Open the App Store app search Google Chrome.
  • Download the Chrome app on iPhone/iPad.

MacOS: Reinstall Chrome

Here are the steps to reinstall Chrome on MacOS. Safari comes last the stock browser in MacOS. So, like Windows, you have to Download Google Chrome on MacOS separately.

Reinstall Google Chrome
Reinstall Google Chrome on MacOS

Here are the steps to Reinstall the Chrome browser on a Mac OS computer:

  • Launch Finder and switch to the Applications folder
  • It shall list out all the installed apps.
  • Search for the Chrome app and select it.
  • Right-click for the context menu.
  • Hit on the Move to Bin command.
  • Empty the Trash Bin from the Dock.


Final Remarks on Uninstall Chrome and Reinstall it. If anyone of you turned on the automatic updates then i am sure you don’t need to reinstall Chrome or any other app. Automatic updates quickly update the app and make the performance better and smooth. In such case the Chrome crashing will get stop and you maynot need to reinstall it.

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