How to Put back Safari on Home screen in iPhone [2022]

Safari Browser is the stock browser in the Apple Desktop, Laptop, and pocket computers. It is one of the most stable and efficient browsers that you can find. As we all know Apple products don’t hang unless it’s a hardware issue or you are using beta software.

Safari is an integral part of the Apple ecosystem. It is like the backbone of the iPhone, iPad, and MacOS computers like MacBook and iMac. That’s why the ratio of installing Google Chrome on iPhone is very less compared to other OS devices.

Usually, Safari is already on the home screen when it’s in factory condition. Maybe later someone changes the home screen app sequence or layout. Now, there is another truth most iPhone users have a limited sense of technology. All they know is how to make calls or photos that’s it.

Surely an average mind or new iPhone user doesn’t know how to keep the app on iPhone Home screen. Like many of these tutorials, viewers don’t know to Put back Safari on Home screen in iPhone.

How to Put back Safari on Home screen in iPhone

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Maybe you accidentally deleted Safari from home screen or someone else changed the settings. So, Today we will guide you how to Put back Safari on Home screen in iPhone.

  1. From the App Library

    Here are steps to add Safari back to the home screen from App Library:
    Put back Safari on Home screen in iPhone
    Open the App Library page.

    Open the Utility folder ( Stock Apps in Box) and look up the Safari browser.

    Drag the Safari app from that App Library folder and place it on your Home screen on your iPhone.

  2. Via the Spotlight Search

    Here are the steps to add the Safari app on home screen from spotlight search

    Swipe down on your Home screen to invoke the Spotlight search.

    Type in Safari and select the Safari browser from the search result.

    Drag and drop that Safari app to the Home Screen

    The Safari App will be on your home screen again, that’s the easiest way to put Safari back on iPhone Home Screen.

  3. Reset Home Screen

    Here are the steps to reset the home screen on iPhone or iPad:

    Launch the Settings app on your iPhone.

    Go to the General page on your device settings.

    Navigate to the Reset menu, and tap on Reset Home Screen Layout.

    Confirm the Reset Home Screen option on the confirmation popup.

    It will now reset the layout, and you shall see the Safari app back on your Home Screen as it’s on the home screen in factory settings.

  4. From Hidden Home Screen Pages

    Here are steps to unhide the Safari app from the Home screen pages:
    Put back Safari on Home screen in iPhone
    Long press in an empty location on your Home page.

    It shall bring up the Edit Pages screen.

    Tap on the Menu horizontal 3dots icon present at the bottom of your screen.

    Browse through Hidden pages and check if Safari is placed.

    Enable the checkmark to unhide if the page with Safari is hidden.

    Hit the Done button present in the top right.

Final Remarks: Put back Safari on Home screen in iPhone

These were the possibilities through which you can Put back Safari on Home Screen in iPhone. Keeping apps at home screen is ease-of-access. The purpose is that if you are using an app frequently than it will be available on one-tap access. That’s what home screen is designed for.

All methods are easy so you can try out any method that will work to put back the Safari browser on your home screen and even on the dock bar.

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