How to Print and Save as PDF on Brave Browser [2022]

Brave Browser proves every time that it is surely a complete product in browsing. Can’t ignore their growth ratio and how they managed to attract a huge audience and users. Thumbs up to their marketing and promotion team. All of my team members are continuously looking for queries related to Brave Browser apart from our user’s questions.

Recently, we found that a lot of Brave Browser users are searching the way how to Print and Save as PDF on Brave Browser. As the browser I newly viral and users are just shifted to it, maybe they are in some confusion. Because the procedure to print and save as PDF on Brave Browser is simple and easy just like other browsers.

The downloaded PDF will have slight changes that might not be noticeable, but they will have the same contents as the web page. Users can download web pages and save them as PDFs on their devices on the Brave browser.

Anyhow, as we love to show the way to every questioner, we are demonstrating a complete guide map on how to Print and Save as a PDF on Brave Browser. Just follow the steps we have written below.

How to Print and Save as PDF on Brave Browser

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Here are the steps through which you can get the hardcopy of the page on Brave Browser

  1. Print a Page on Brave

    Step: 1 – Launch the Brave browser on your Windows and macOS computer.

    Step: 2 Open the webpage that you want to print on Brave Browser.

    Step: 3 Click on the More icon [horizontal 3bar] for the options menu.

    Step: 4 – Select the Print option among all.

    Step: 5 – Select your printer which is the medium of print, layout, the number of pages, and other necessary customizations.

    Step: 6 – Hit the Print command button.
    Print and Save as PDF on Brave Browser
    Step: 7 – The Brave browser will print the web page. You can take this hard copy, it should appear as displayed in preview mode.

    You can also press the keys Ctrl/Cmd + P simultaneously (the keyboard shortcut for print) or right-click on the page and select Print from the context menu that appears.
    Print and Save as PDF on Brave Browser
    To Save Print page as a PDF you can change the destination of print to “Save as PDF” replacing Microsoft Print to PDF which is set as default.

Final Thoughts on Print and Save as PDF on Brave Browser

Hey buddy! That’s all from our side! Didn’t it seems so easy to Print and Save as PDF on Brave Browser. Even it will take less than reading this tutorial. Just a few clicks and here you go. Must ensure one thing that the printer must be connected.

How genuinely the brave browser makes complications uncomplicated through its UI, simple tasks like switching to private mode or saving pages for offline use. You can get these tasks done in no time at all. And, you don’t have to worry about the breach of your privacy too!

I guess users of Brave browser, new or otherwise, know how they can save and print web pages for using them later. The guide is in simple terms, so reading it once will give you an idea of what you need to do.

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