How to Reopen Recently Closed Tabs in Microsoft Edge [2022]

So, What will you do if accidentally closed tabs and want to reopen recently closed tabs in Microsoft Edge Browser? Do you know what mistake people make most while using Edge or other browsers? Probably closed the necessary tab by mistake.

There was a time when no other browser comes close to the Microsoft Edge previously known as Internet Explorer. After a long kingdom on the internet, Google Chrome was launched and the rest is history.

Microsoft Edge was very popular those days due to its incredible fast browsing speed. It became one of our favorite browsers. If the award show will be held on browser, Microsoft Edge will surely get the people’s choice award.

There are a lot of cool features and some unique characteristics that only Microsoft Edge had. Recently, we covered some tutorials on Microsoft Edge like how to Change Display Language in Microsoft Edge, etc.

How to reopen recently closed tab in Microsoft Edge

Here are the steps to reopen recently closed tabs on the Microsoft Edge:

  1. Reopen recently closed tab

    1. Launch the Microsoft Edge on your Windows or Mac computer.
    Open Recently Closed Tabs in Microsoft Edge
    2. Right-click on the Tab Bar space for the context menu.

    3. Select the option of Reopen closed window from the list.

    Alternatively. we can use the Microsoft Edge keyboard shortcut. Press the keys Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + T simultaneously and the recently closed tab will be opened.

  2. Reopen using the History menu

    Here are the steps to reopen the closed tabs using Microsoft Edge history.

    1. Launch Microsoft Edge on your computer.

    2. Click on the 3bar icon for the options menu.

    3. Select the History option to expand.

    4. Click on the Recently closed option from the sub-menu.

    5. Choose the desired window or tab to reopen in the Brave browser.

    Additionally, you can access your browsing history by pressing Ctrl + H and then opening the tab

Bottom Line: Reopen Closed Tabs on Microsoft Edge

These were the steps to Reopen Closed Tabs on Microsoft Edge. Please don’t attach that many expectations. This is the common feature that every browser offers you and it’s an old but productive feature.

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