Mouse Cursor Not Showing in Chrome [Solved]

Unable to use mouse while using Chrome?

I have drafted a guide that’s gonna help you bypass Mouse Cursor Not Showing in Chrome.

To help you ease your way into website navigation, I will discuss the right ways to get back the mouse pointer.

Mouse Cursor Not Showing in Chrome

Many Windows OS users are troubled by mouse pointer disappearing while using Google Chrome.

With such an error triggered, it becomes merely impossible to navigate to websites and tabs.

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Well, such users can now bypass this problem, by implying the steps added in the following section.

How Do I Fix Mouse Cursor Not Showing in Chrome?

Time needed: 3 minutes.

You should be aware of the fact that the Mouse Cursor/Pointer disappears because of an issue with the Chrome browser. It has nothing to do with the system’s resources, especially, when the pointer only disappears while using the web browser.

  1. Relaunch Chrome

    Usually, a simple relaunch of the web browser can help you resolve this issue. But you need to perform this task properly, as I’ve mentioned below:

    a. While Chrome is launched, right-click on the taskbar and select Task Manager.

    b. Select Chrome and click on the End Task button.

    c. Once the browser is closed, launch Chrome and start using it.Relaunch Chrome

  2. Restart Chrome

    A simple relaunch and restart are slightly different from one another. Because a restart would help you specifically reboot the resources of Google Chrome.

    a. Launch Google Chrome.

    b. Type chrome://restart inside the URL bar and press Enter.

    c. Do the same whenever your mouse cursor is not showing in Chrome.Restart Chrome

  3. Disable Hardware Acceleration

    Enabling hardware acceleration can be quite resourceful for some people, but for some, it can also act as a curse. So what you should do is disable the facility, if your mouse pointer isn’t showing.

    a. Visit Chrome Settings from the menu bar.

    b. Expand the Advanced tab and select System

    c. Disable the Use hardware acceleration when available toggle.Disable Hardware Acceleration in Chrome

  4. Consult with a Chrome Alternative

    If your mouse doesn’t work at all in Chrome, you should try using a different web browser.

    And in case, you are only facing this difficulty in Google Chrome, try using Microsoft Edge.

    This official product from Microsoft, gives you access to a similar chromium-based browser, with all the services that you can claim within Chrome.Chrome Alternative


How Do I Fix Mouse Disappearing on Chromebook?

If you are having issues with using the mouse on your Chromebook, you should try restarting Chrome by using the chrome://restart or try disabling the hardware acceleration on Chrome.

Where Do I Find My Mouse Pointer on Chromebook?

In case your mouse just disappeared and you are unable to locate its exact location, it’s mainly because of the mouse acceleration. So to make your mouse work smoothly, disable the Mouse Acceleration from Settings >> Device menu.

Does Hardware Acceleration Help in Getting Back Mouse Cursor?

Yes, I have read about cases where just disabling the hardware acceleration helped users in getting back the mouse point in Google Chrome.

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