How to Install and Use Microsoft Edge on Xbox Console [2022]

Let’s get started on how to install the Microsoft Edge browser on your Xbox One consoles. Xbox is the product of Microsoft and it supports all products that are in the Microsoft ecosystem. Obviously, you will get the Microsoft Edge support on Xbox too.

Users can install and use Microsoft Edge on Xbox easily without any hurdles. Infact the Xbox users can get Edge Browser automatically from official updates.

To get Microsoft Edge on Xbox we need to update the Xbox to the latest version.

There’s no refuting the truth that customers typically avoid the browsers and nongame apps on their consoles.

It doesn’t mean they don’t like the browsers, it’s just they got a lack of customizations. Even if a gaming console comes with its default browser, it can not checkmark the maximum of the stipulations that one should have requested from a cool net browser.

However, all this stood authentic till Microsoft made its presence felt. The Silicon Valley massive has simply launched its famous Microsoft Edge browser for the Xbox One, One S, One X, Series S, and Series X consoles in the new update.

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So without any further wait, let’s begin

How to Install Microsoft Edge on Xbox

Time needed: 5 minutes.

In the September 2021 Xbox update, Microsoft Edge was introduced on the console. So, to install edge on Xbox every console user must confirm that their Xbox Is updated on the latest versions. Also, the browser should automatically make an abode onto your console.

  1. Installing MS Edge on Xbox

    Turn On the Xbox console.

    Open the Xbox menu, Press the X button on the controller.

    Navigate to the Gear settings gear icon for the System menu using the toggle buttons.

    Select the Settings option.

    Select the System tab, and choose the Updates & downloads option.

    Microsoft Edge on Xbox

    Download and Update the Xbox console updates by following the on-screen instructions.

    Your Xbox may restart several times After the rebooting check back again if any updates are still pending under System Updates & Download screen.

    If you see the message “No console update available“, the latest updates are already installed on your console.

    After installing the latest updates, the Microsoft Edge browser will be auto-installed on your Xbox console.

  2. How to Launch Xbox on Microsoft Edge

    After the Xbox update to the latest version, you can launch the Edge browser from the XboxApp Menu.

    Head over to the My Games & Apps section from the home menu.

    From the left menu bar, Switch to the Apps menu.

    Select to launch the Microsoft Edge browser, you can need to Scroll through the app listing.

    Now the Xbox will launch the Microsoft Edge browser don’t the console.

    Please remember, that Microsoft is not available on that computer that didn’t get the September 2021 update on their console.


The lackness of decent browsers on gaming consoles should be ended now. Microsoft Edge is a pretty decent browser infact the fastest one. One of the popular Chromium browsers would indeed prove to be of great significance for console owners. Now are saying goodbye after guiding you on how you could install the Microsoft Edge browser on Xbox consoles.

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