How to Create and Manage Tab Groups in Safari iOS/iPadOS [2022]

iPhone users love Safari which is the stock browser for iOS and iPad. Safari is very convenient in tabs and group management just like Chrome. Infact when it comes to grouping the tabs, Safari got more options than chrome.

The only problem is that management of tabs is a bit difficult in Safari as compared to others. Many newborn iPhone users or average mind phone users don’t know it.

So, we are demonstrating this simple tutorial, that will teach users how to Create and Manage Tab Groups in Safari iOS/iPadOS.

How to Create and Manage Tab Groups in Safari iOS

Time needed: 10 minutes.

This tab grouping helps the users to categorize their daily work on different tabs in each individual group. We are demonstrating this tutorial on managing Safari Tabs and Groups, showing you the detailed steps to create and manage tab groups in the Safari browser on your iOS.

  1. Create a New Tab Group in Safari on iPhone

    Launch the Safari browser on your iPhone/iPad OS.

    Manage Tab Groups in Safari iOS

    2. Tap on the Tabs in the bottom Center.

    3. Select the New Empty Tab Group sub-menu

    4. Its time to give your group a name and hit Enter key to save

    5. Tap on the Hide Sidebar icon to continue browsing.

    Manage Tab Groups in Safari iOS

    Your Tab Group is ready on Safari iPhone. Now any tab you open in this specific tab group will appear inside the group only. You could also preview the sites that are opened in a particular group. For that, Tap on the Show Sidebar

    1. Tap on the tab group of your choice.

    2. Select the Show Tab Overview option.

  2. Rearrange Tabs and Tab Groups

    The users are allowed to rearrange a tab in a particular group from the sidebar panel anytime they want. All they need to do is to select and drag the tab group to the desired position.

    Users can also drag and drop the tab group above or below a particular group in order to change the position of the group.

  3. Move tab to another Safari Tab Group

    Launch the Safari browser on your iOS computer.

    Manage Tab Groups in Safari iOS

    Navigate to the tab that you want to move.

    Tap on the tab bar.

    Hover on the Move to Tab Group option.

    Choose the group where you want to move the tab.

  4. Switch the Tab groups

    Users who create too many tab group gets confused about how to move between Safari Tab Groups. It is so simple to do, just follow the below steps.

    Users who create more than one tab group can easily switch between the groups from the sidebar panel. Choose the group tab you want to open and it will.

    Some people have the sidebar panel hidden on their end. They can also tap on the tab group name with a down arrow in the Safari toolbar and select the desired group.

  5. Rename Tab Group

    If anyone of you wants to rename Tab Group on Safari iPhone! Here are the steps to do so,

    1. Tap and hold on the tab group, and select Rename command.
    2. Fill in the desired name and hit Enter key.

Conclusion: Safari iOS Tab Groups

Group tabs always help people to categorize their workgroup and personal group on Safari iOS. Or, people who are multitasking can keep their nature of work separately on each device. That’s why we highly recommend using Safari iOS tab Groups. Also, if you download Chrome on iOS, your tab group management on mac becomes easier.

Hopefully, the whole procedure will be enough to help you regarding safari tab group management. Moreover, if you are stuck somewhere or don’t understand something, please feel free to contact us.

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