Load Unsafe Scripts in Chrome [Fixed]

Tired of gettings the “This page is trying to load scripts from unauthorized source” error message?

No longer want to face any Load Unsafe Scripts in Chrome popups?

I present to you some related queries and ways, to avoid getting the same message while trying to visit your preffered website.

Load Unsafe Scripts in Chrome

It’s a shame that many websites still prefer to use HTTP protocols, that are no longer supported by the browser’s firewall.

Yes, Chrome also has its firewall, and it notifies you whenever you try to visit an unsafe website with HTTP.

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So if you are unaware of the methods to bypass Load Unsafe Scripts in Chrome, keep reading the rest of this article.

Why Does Chrome Block your Access to Sites?

Chrome works on certain protocols, that are added for the convenience and protection of its consumers.

For instance, the HTTPS protocol is enabled by default on every Chrome version.

It is enabled to keep a user safe from harmful and unprotected websites.

Because Chrome considers all the HTTP websites to be unsafe for browsing, it can’t detect their scripts properly.

Which Websites are Safe to Visit?

If you are visiting websites on Chrome, the browser will only recommend you to visit sites with HTTPS protocols.

On such sites, Chrome is able to read all the back-end scripts and ensures that a user never becomes a victim of any harmful activities.

OnlyBrowsers.com is safe to visit on Chrome.

So if you don’t want to be bothered by any unsafe website or script notifications, always visit a website with HTTPS enabled.

Can you Fix Non-Verified Websites?

Time needed: 5 minutes.

To be honest, you can’t fix a website by yourself.

Instead, you can contact the developer of the site and ask him to do the following:

  1. Request website developer for the following improvements

    a. First of all, enable SSL certification to make the website load with HTTPS.

    b. Embed links and media with the same HTTPS.

    c. Ask him to avoid using nulled templates or scripts.

    d. Check for errors via Developer Tools >> Console

    e. Scan his server for malware.

    f. Keep the site’s plugins, themes, and scripts updated to the latest version.

Any Other Ways?

In case you are unable to contact the developer of the site and still want to visit it, for some cause, visit the following guide to understand how you can load unsafe sites on Chrome:


Why Does Chrome Keep Providing Unsafe Scripts Popup?

Chrome likes to keep it safe for you, by helping you in visiting websites that are totally safe. So it always notifies you when you are visiting websites with HTTP, to not visit it, because it can’t be scanned by the browser’s firewall.

Can I Load and Install Unsafe Scripts in Chrome?

Yes, you are allowed to Load Unsafe Scripts in Chrome. For that, simply click on the Load Unsafe Script link that’s provided by the shield icon from the URL bar.

Is It Okay to Load Unsafe Script?

I would not recommend any of you load unsafe script. Especially, when you are visiting a website that requires personal information. Because such websites can’t be trusted at all.

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