How to Inspect Element on Safari Mac [2022]

Do you also want to learn about how to Inspect Element on Safari Mac, this article is gold for you. Today, we are guiding Mac users on how they can view the inspected element of any webpage.

Safari is one of the fastest browsers in the world, it comes in Stock with Apple devices such as iPhone and iPad.

Internet visitors, researchers just see the front page of the website which they open. They don’t know how the website is developed and what are the codes, languages behind it.

People use websites for information but software students research the background of it. Simple websites using WordPress are designed using web Programing language even if someone doesn’t know how to.

It is difficult for people to understand the backend by just viewing the front end. But, if they do just a couple of clicks then they can reveal the algorithm behind the website (not the privately owned codes, settings, and secrets.

While making the projects for the clients I used the Inspect Elements feature many times. It makes the editing of my raw web codes easier and more workable.


If anyone wants to inspect elements of any webpage using the Safari browser, he or she has to enable the develop option first. Afterward, they will be able to investigate the UI and changes in the HTM Codes.

Right-click on the page and select inspect element option.

Inspect Element Shortcut Key on Safari for Mac is Cmd+Option+I. 

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How to Enable Develop Menu on Mac

Inspecting Element on Safari Mac is only possible if you enable the Develop menu. I know most of the users who just bought Mac for Flexing on public spots don’t know about it, in fact, anything! So, we are guiding how to enable Develop Menu on Mac First Before the Inspect Element.

Activating the Develop menu is crucial, it will allow you to use Apple’s web inspector for debugging. You should enable developer tools for Safari from the device Settings.

Here are the steps to enable the Develop menu on Mac

  1. 1. Launch Safar Browser on your Mac computer, straightforward go the Preferences Options.
  2. Once the preferences tab opens switch to the Advanced tab.
  3. Enable the checkbox of “Show Develop Menu”

Inspect Element on Safari Mac

Remember: It will add a separate Develop menu in the Safari menu bar and activate the Inspect Element feature.

How to Inspect Elements in Safari Mac

Here comes the final procedure which you are here for. Follow the steps written here to view the inspect element of any basic or WordPress website.

Right Click on the Context

  1. Open Safari Browser on your Mac.
  2. Visit the Webpage you want to inspect.
  3. Once the page gets open, right-click on the Inspect Element.

Inspect Element on Safari Mac

  • Right-click the context and Select Inspect Element option.
  • It will open the Inspect Element window, make sure its the page you like to inspect.

Go to Web Inspector from Develop menu

  1. Launch the Safari on Mac.
  2. Click on the Develop menu present on the menu bar.
  3. Select the option Connect Web Inspector from the list.

Inspect Element on Safari Mac

  • It will pop up the Inspect Element window but make sure to open the page you would like to inspect.
  • Shortcut keys are always the time savior, just a few keys are pressed at once, and the job is done. You can inspect the elements on your Safari browser with a set of shortcut keys.

Cmd + Options + I 

It is the shortcut key to open Inspect Element of a webpage

In order to invoke the Inspect Element or Web Inspector, you can keypress Cmd + Options + I on the keyboard.

It is possibly the shortest method you can use once you have opened the page you would like to inspect.

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