How to View Site Settings and Site Information in Chrome Android [2022]

Trying to View Site Settings and Site Information in Chrome Android?

Read the following article to straightaway View Site Settings and Site Information in Chrome on Mobile. I have compiled simple solutions to help my readers get the website’s settings and information with ease.

View Site Settings and Site Information in Chrome Android

Once a tech giant remains a tech giant. Chrome services on every device are incomparable. Many consider this browser insecurity, but only the ones who don’t know much about making certain changes to make Chrome secure.

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But some duties are of internet users as well, they also need to be assured about a site, before trusting it with their private information. That’s why Chrome is allowing users to view site information and manipulate the browsing experience, from its settings.

How Do I View Site Settings and Site Information in Chrome Android?

Time needed: 2 minutes.

I have discussed separate methods for viewing site settings and information in Chrome for Android. You are allowed to view information about your desired website and then change its setting, according to your preferences.

  1. Viewing Site Information

    The main reason for viewing site information is to be assured that the website is secure to visit or not. The certification provided within the website’s info helps a user is getting the information about the site’s server.

    a. Visit your preffered website on Google Chrome.

    b. Tap on the Menu icon.

    c. From the top of the menu bar, hit the Details icon.

    d. Tap on the Details link to learn more about the website.

  2. Viewing Site Settings

    After getting the site information, you can then proceed to make changes to its settings, by implying the following method.

    a. While the website is launched, tap on the Information icon.

    b. From the appearing popup, tap on Site Settings.

    c. Perform the changes you prefer, or tap on the Clear & reset button to change it to defaults.


How to see all site settings on Chrome for Android?

You can also view all site settings while using Chrome for Android. Go to the browser’s settings and select Site Settings. From the next tab, tap on All Site Data. Now, perform customizations with the saved site data, as you prefer.

What does “Your Connection isn’t Secure” mean on Chrome?

The Your Connect Isn’t Secure notification means that you are trying to visit an insecure website. But if you think that such a website is secure to visit, disable the Always Enable HTTPS facility from the browser’s settings.

Why do all my websites getting not secure notifications?

Even after disabling Always Enable HTTPS, you keep getting the not secure notifications, which means that something’s wrong with the browser’s cache. You need to clear the cache of Chrome for Android, and then try visiting the website of your choice.

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