How to View Mobile Site Version in Chrome Computer? [2022]

Like to View Mobile Site Version in Chrome?

I’ve drafted a straightforward method that’s gonna help you view the AMP version of a website on Google Chrome. You are not required to install any third-party add-on or extension to complete this task, but only perform a simple workaround using the developer options.

Users are required to perform a lot lesser hassle than a rocket scientist to enable the mobile version of a website in Chrome. They just need to be sure that they are currently using the updated version of Chrome on their computer, because the older version may start to lag.

Now, if they are sure that the installed version is the latest one, they should be released from the lagging, while trying to view a mobile version. Because then, Chrome will work smoothly and without providing any errors.

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However, it might be a little different for you to enable such a facility. Because now you have to navigate to the developer options of a website, which you would like to view in the mobile version.

How Do I View Mobile Site Version in Chrome Computer?

Time needed: 1 minute.

There’s no dedicated feature for enabling the mobile site version for all the websites. Though, you can implement a workaround individually for websites, which AMP pages you wish to view on your computer. So if you are a developer or somehow interested in viewing mobile versions of websites, perform the following step-by-step guide.

  1. Enabling Mobile Site View in Chrome

    a. Launch Chrome on your computer.

    b. Visit the website of your choice on Chrome.

    c. Click on the three-dotted icon to access the Chrome menu.

    View Mobile Site Version in Chrome Computer
    d. Navigate to More Tools and select Developer Options.

    e. From the newly launched Developer Tools window, click on the Devices icon.

    View Mobile Site Version in Chrome
    f. The mobile version of the launched website will start appearing online.

FAQs: Mobile Site Version in Chrome

How to Disable Mobile Site View in Chrome?

If you have accidentally enabled the mobile site view of a website in Chrome, you need to go back to developer options by pressing the F12 key. Once there, click on the Devices icon to disable the mobile site view on your desktop.

What is Desktop View in Mobile?

In case you are browsing the internet on your smartphone and wish to see the interface, as same as you do on your computer, you need to enable the desktop view on your mobile. This way, you will be able to access the same desktop interface of a website on your mobile.

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