How to View Desktop Site in Chrome on iPhone/iPad [2022]

A tutorial to teach you How to View Desktop Site in Chrome on iPhone or iPad. Viewers! Those who are not interested in the overview can directly skip to the guide.

Mobile view is different from Desktop especially when the web page appears. The webpage view is more suitable on the desktop because it appears the way it was designed. Whereas on smartphones it appears in a compact view mostly only the central content appears.

View Desktop Site in Chrome on iPhone

But do you know users can view the webpage on desktop style in nearly every browser? Desktop View is the stock option in approximately every browser setting. Users mayn’t know how to explore it. Especially the iPhone and iPad users as most the Apple users have a limited sense of technology.

Some sites are specifically developed for desktops and hence several options, and tables. If anyone wants to access all the features and view the options of such sites on mobile then they can switch to the desktop site.

The view desktop site option is a one-button script that can convert a smartphone website into a desktop. I discovered the desktop site view feature in Chrome iOS, where you can request desktop site chrome on iPhone and iPad.

How to View Desktop Site in Chrome on iPhone/iPad

The desktop site view helps in viewing all hidden menus and options just like we watch on the desktop. Here are the steps to view the desktop site on Chrome iPhone/iPad:

  1. View Desktop Site in Chrome

    Open the Google Chrome app on your iPhone or iPad.
    View Desktop Site in Chrome on iPhone
    Open the website or page of your choice, which you want to see in the Desktop style on your phone.

    Tap on the More icon (horizontal 3dots) for the menu list.

    Scroll down the settings menu and choose the Request Desktop Site command.

    The website or page may reload or refresh in real time, and you will see the desktop view of the website. To switch back, you can choose the Request Mobile Site option at the same place.

How to view the small text size in the Desktop View?

If you are viewing your site on Smartphone in the Desktop View then you must pinch-zoom on the screen to view the small texts.

How to return back to the mobile view?

Launch the website or webpage that you want to open on the Desktop site in Chrome iOS. After opening tap on the three dots at the bottom of your phone screen. Select the option Request Mobile Site.

How to view Desktop Site in Chrome iOS?

Launch the Website or page that you want to open on the Desktop site in Chrome on iPhone and iPad. Tap on the three dots at the bottom, and select the option Request Desktop Site.

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That’s all from us on how to View Desktop Site in Chrome on iPhone/iPad.

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