How to View Desktop Site in Chrome iPhone or iPad [2022]

Fancy View Desktop Site in Chrome iPhone or iPad?

I’m discussing a normal workaround to help individuals shift from mobile view to desktop view or vice versa. In the execution of this operation, there’s no involvement of any third-party services, as the procedure can be executed directly from within Chrome.

View Desktop Site in Chrome iPhone

Chrome grants opportunities for their client’s to help them the most out of their fully-functional web browser. It allows consumers to facilitate themselves with numerous services, which can only be enabled within the tech giant’s product.

Visiting websites with mobile (AMP) version is no more preffered by users. As it is the AMP pages are developed to enhance the mobile experience, most users still prefer to benefit from the desktop site on Chrome.

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While using an iOS device, the Desktop site facility can be enabled using the browser’s menu. But that’ll only work if the browser is updated to the latest version. So before moving forward, please ensure that your firmware (iOS) and Chrome are updated to the latest build.

How Do I View Desktop Site in Chrome iPhone?

Time needed: 1 minute.

While visiting a website on Chrome, it’s up to a user, whether to view it in the Desktop or Mobile version. Both functionalities are available and can be triggered easily directly from the browser.

  1. Visiting Desktop Site in Chrome iOS

    Whenever you load a webpage on your browser, it automatically uploads the mobile version. The desktop view isn’t prioritized while browsing the internet on an iOS device. But you can enable the Desktop site, whenever you please, by performing the following method:

    View Desktop Site in Chrome iOS
    a. Launch Chrome on your iOS device.

    b. Visit the website you want to view in Desktop mode.

    c. While such a website is launched, tap on the menu button.

    d. Select the Desktop Site option from the provided list.

    e. Allow Chrome to take time to load the desktop view of the requested site.


How to Return Back to Mobile Version?

If you have enabled the Desktop site on Chrome, and want to revert back to the Mobile site, you can do that by implying the same method. Because now inside the menu bar, the Mobile Site option becomes available instead of Desktop Site.

Can I Change Text Size on Desktop Site in Chrome iOS?

In case you are visiting websites in the Desktop version on Chrome iOS, you can use the Zoom pan to modify the default zoom settings.

Is It Possible to View Desktop Site in Chrome iOS?

Yes, Chrome allows you to visit websites either in Mobile or Desktop versions. This facility can be triggered from Chrome’s menu.

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