How to Use Microsoft Edge on Xbox Console? 2022

Want to Use Microsoft Edge on Xbox Console?

I have drafted a fully working guide to help you install and use the Edge browser on Xbox One and Xbox X|S series. By implying the drafted method, you would be able to launch the browser within Xbox and control it using your console’s controller.

Microsoft Edge on Xbox Console

Undoubtedly, Microsoft Edge is one of the fastest web browsers. It is preferred by millions of users, who like to browse the internet without any lags. With this browser’s facilities, users also get to synchronize their data from one device to another.

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As Microsoft Edge is chromium-based, individuals can also install third-party extensions on it. So that some additional services can be included within Edge, to make it more accessible.

It’s pretty straightforward to get Edge on a computer. If you are using Windows OS, you don’t even have to bother installing the browser. Whereas you have to install it on Chromebook or Mac devices.

How Do I Get Microsoft Edge on Xbox Console?

Time needed: 2 minutes.

The Microsoft Edge isn’t included in all the versions of the Xbox console. So in order to make it available, you have to ensure that your Xbox system software is updated to the latest version because only then, you will be allowed to launch Edge on it.

  1. Update Xbox System Software

    a. While your Xbox Console is turned on, press the X button from the controller.

    b. Navigate to the System tab. (Gear icon)

    Update Xbox System Software
    c. Select the Settings section.

    d. Choose System from the left pane, and hit the Uploads & Downloads button.

    e. If there’s a pending update, allow your Xbox to download & install its files. Afterward, restart automatically, once the system is updated.

  2. Open Microsoft Edge on Xbox

    a. Launch the My Games & Apps section.

    b. Select the Apps tab from the left sidebar.

    c. From the provided apps list, select Microsoft Edge.

    d. You can also use the search bar to locate Microsoft Edge.Open Microsoft Edge on Xbox

FAQs: Microsoft Edge on Xbox Console

Can I Get Use Microsoft Edge on Xbox 360?

No, Xbox 360 doesn’t support Microsoft Edge. That’s why you can’t install this web browser on your Xbox 360 console.

Why Doesn’t My Xbox Have Microsoft Edge?

If you are using Xbox One or Xbox X|S series, it’s mainly because the system software isn’t updated. So you need to first update your Xbox system software, to benefit from Edge.

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