How to Update Google Chrome on Computer [2022]

Want to Update Google Chrome on your Computer?

I have enlisted an easy solution to help my readers figure out the way to update chrome on Windows, Mac, and Linux-based operating systems. They are allowed to pick any solution, according to their requirements.

Update Google Chrome on Computer

Google Chrome is considered the fastest browser and is preferred by 60% of internet users.

Usually, the automatic updates are enabled by default on Chrome or you are notified about them, as soon as they are available.

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But now, if you are encountering an issue with updating your browser and want to learn how to perform this task manually, read the following section.

How Do I Update Google Chrome on Computer?

Time needed: 2 minutes.

On Windows & Mac devices, you are required to perform the same procedure to update Chrome. As in Linux-based OS, you need to perform a slightly different method. So I’ll share two different methods to use on Windows/Mac and Linux computers.

  1. Update Chrome on Windows & Mac

    As the interface of Chrome remains the same on Windows and Mac OS, the same procedure can be implied to update the browser.
    Update Chrome on Windows & Mac
    a. After launching Chrome, click on the three-dotted menu icon.

    b. Select Settings from Chrome’s menu.

    c. Click on About Chrome from the left pane.

    d. Chrome will start looking for a pending update.

    e. It’ll ask you to relaunch the browser, once it has been updated.

  2. Update Chrome on Linux

    Linux users need to be patient and perform a slightly different procedure to update Chrome on their computer. Here’s what they need to do:

    a. Press Ctrl + Alt + T keys to launch the Terminal.

    b. Execute the following commands one by one:

    $ Sudo apt update
    $ Sudo apt install google-chrome-stable

    c. Once the commands are executed, Chrome and all the repositories will be updated on your Linux system.


How Can I Update Chrome on My Laptop?

You can launch chrome://settings/ using the URL bar and select About Chrome from the left sidebar. Now, let Chrome check and install the required files.

Should I Enable Automatic Updates on Chrome?

Yes, you should always allow Chrome to keep it updated, without having to annoy you. Because this way, you will not have to spend any extra time performing this task.

How to Check Chrome’s Version?

From the chrome://settings/help webpage, users can acknowledge the current version of Chrome installed on their system. Click here to visit the detailed guide.

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