How to Update Firefox on Computer [2022]

Desire to Update Firefox on Computer?

I have written an article that focuses on delivering solutions to help users update the Mozilla Firefox browser on their system, let it be Windows or Mac OS.

The method I will be sharing with you doesn’t involve the execution of any third-party services.

Update Firefox on Computer

Most users don’t even like to be bothered by having to perform the upgrading process manually.

Well, they shouldn’t be because the browser does most of the times update by itself, in the backend.

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But because of some faulty third-party add-ons and malicious websites cookies data, the service can disabled, without consent.

How Do I Update Firefox on Computer?

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Now, I will be sharing some pretty straightforward solutions for updating Firefox on your computer. You can choose whatever methods suit you.

  1. Update Firefox on Windows

    Users can benefit from the browser’s preferences to complete the task of updating it to the latest version. Here’s what they need to do:
    Update Firefox on Windows
    a. From the main interface of Firefox, click on the hamburger/Menu icon.

    b. Select Preferences from the given options.

    c. Click on the General tab.

    d. Now, click on Check for Updates

    e. In case of a pending update, allow Firefox to download & install required files.

  2. Update Firefox on Mac

    Mac users can also update the browser directly from its main instance, they have to use the Firefox menu to complete this task.
    Update Firefox on Mac
    a. Expand the browser’s menu and click on About Firefox.

    b. Let Firefox check for pending updates and install them on your system.


Can I know the latest version of Firefox?

Yes, you can always know the installed version of Firefox on your system. And, if you have enabled automatic updates, the browser version shown to you will be the latest build. Click here to learn in detail, how to check the browser version.

Why should I update Firefox?

The updating of Firefox would allow you to install updated Add-ons and remove the previously encountered glitches from the browser.

Is Firefox better than Chrome?

Chrome offers fast and better synchronization services, which are now most preffered by internet users. Whereas, Firefox is privacy-focused browser, which is mostly preffered by developers.

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