How to Uninstall Samsung Internet Browser [2022]

Like to Uninstall Samsung Internet Browser?

Today’s article is about helping smartphone consumers, who want to get rid of the Samsung Internet. As this web browser is pre-installed on every Samsung smartphone, not everyone likes to have this browser, just sitting there and serving no purpose.

Uninstall Samsung Internet Browser

Without any questions asked, the Samsung Internet Browser is installed by default on Samsung Android devices. And most people are ok with using its services, as it also contains some good services like safe mode, dark mode, and downloader.

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But there are also some users who feel uncomfortable with having a product that they never asked for. For such users, there are some methods, to uninstall or disable the default browser. And all such methods can be implied without consulting with any third-party applications.

How Do I Uninstall Samsung Internet Browser?

Time needed: 1 minute.

Users don’t require root access to get rid of Samsung Internet Browser. Because the browser can be uninstalled from the Settings or App menu. Similarly, it can also be disabled from the app settings, if they want it to not appear in the app drawer.

  1. From App Drawer

    a. Launch the App Drawer.

    b. Long-tap on the icon of Samsung Internet.

    Delete Samsung Internet Browser
    c. Select the Uninstall option.

    d. Confirm your activity, to remove it instantly.

  2. From Settings

    a. Head to the Settings app.

    b. Go to the Apps section.

    Uninstall Samsung Internet Browser
    c. Select the Samsung Internet Browser.

    d. Tap on the Uninstall button.

  3. Disable Samsung Internet Browser

    a. Open the App Drawer on your Samsung mobile.

    b. Tap-n-hold on the icon of Samsung Internet.

    c. Choose the Disable option.

FAQs: Uninstall Samsung Internet Browser

Why Can’t I Uninstall Samsung Internet Browser?

On most Samsung devices you can straightforwardly uninstall or delete Samsung Internet Browser. As on some premium devices, you only have the option of disabling the browser.

How to Change Samsung Internet to Chrome?

If you want to choose Chrome as your default browser, you need to navigate to Settings >> Apps >> Advanced >> Default Apps. Now, select Chrome as your default browser.

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