How to Uninstall Chrome Extensions? [2022]

Like to Uninstall Chrome Extensions?

Before having to install any browser extension, a user should be aware of its basics. Like is it really worth it and either the extension has good or bad reviews?

In any case, a person should never go with lots of extensions and try to keep his browser, as light as possible.

Uninstall Chrome Extensions

There are chances that you may get bothered by a faulty extension, at times when you are trying to browse the internet on Google Chrome.

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In that case, you should get rid of the problematic extensions, to keep your browsing activities free of lags. The best way, in that case, is to remove the faulty extension.

How Do I Uninstall Chrome Extensions?

Time needed: 2 minutes.

There are three possible ways of removing extensions from Google Chrome. Users can complete such a task from the extensions manager or from the extensions bar with ease. However, I’ve discussed three methods to complete this task.

  1. Remove from Extensions Manager

    a. From the main interface of Chrome, click on the Extensions icon. (looks like a puzzle)

    b. Click on the three-dotted icon presented beside the extension name.

    c. Choose the Remove from Chrome option.

    d. To confirm your activity, click on the Remove button.

  2. Remove from Extensions Page

    a. Click on the Three-dotted icon to reveal Chrome’s menu.

    b. Navigate to More Tools and select Extensions.

    Uninstall Chrome Extensions
    c. Click on the Remove button, placed within the preferred extension’s box.

  3. Remove from Extensions Tab

    a. Go to the chrome://settings/ URL.

    b. Select the Extensions tab, from the left sidebar.

    c. Click on the Remove button, placed within the preferred extension’s box.

FAQs: Remove Chrome Extensions

How to Disable Chrome Extensions?

After navigating the Extensions window on Google Chrome, you can disable the toggle of an extension. This action will temporarily disable the extension’s activities.

Disable Chrome Extensions

How to Remove Hidden Extensions on Chrome?

You can navigate to the chrome://extensions/ URL and remove any extension from your web browser. All of the installed, hidden, and disabled extensions are available on this page.

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