How to Translate a Webpage in Firefox? [2022]

Want to Translate a Webpage in Firefox?

I have decided to draft a guide presenting the straightforward method of translating a web page and its text on Mozilla Firefox. The method that I have talked about works on Windows, Mac, and Linux devices, as mobile users can’t benefit from the same method.

Translate a Webpage in Firefox

Mozilla knows that its product i.e; Firefox is preferred mostly by programmers and developers. By considering the demands of internet nerds, they have added some services like support for third-party add-ons. With the help of these add-ons, users can facilitate themselves with some amazing services, which are currently not provided by default.

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It’s a good thing that most of the Mozilla Add-ons are free to use. As such extensions are provided by developers who feel good about helping the Firefox community. And, users can add these add-ons, without signing into Firefox.

How Do I Translate a Webpage in Firefox?

Time needed: 1 minute.

The facility of translating a web page in Firefox isn’t available by default. So if you want to customize the language of the written text on the desired web pages, you are requested to take advantage of a third-party add-on.

  1. Translating a Webpage Text in Firefox

    Gladly, there are tons of web page translation add-ons available on the Mozilla store. But I’m only going to recommend you to use Google Translate, as this extension would help you enjoy a lag-free experience while translating web pages.

    Translate page with Google translate
    a. Open the Mozilla Firefox web browser on your PC.

    b. Use the add-on store’s search bar to locate Google Translate.

    c. Click on the Install button to add the extension.

    d. Visit the Webpage which you want to translate.

    e. Click on the T icon from the extension bar and select the Translate page with Google translate option.

FAQs: Google Translator for Firefox

How to Translate Selected Text in Firefox?

If you want to translate a specific part of a text, you need to select it using your mouse cursor and right-click on it. Afterward, select the Translate Now option, and allow the browser to launch another tab, with the translated text.

Is Their A Translator for Firefox?

For now, there isn’t any default translator for Firefox, like Chrome. But you can consult with Google Translate, a Firefox add-on, which allows you to translate the web pages in your required language.

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