How to Send Link to Connected Devices on Brave Browser [2022]

Want to Send Link to Connected Devices on Brave Browser?

I will tell you a fully working procedure to enable Brave Sync, so you can send links from your computer to your mobile or vice versa. You basically need to use the sync code or QR-code, to connect two devices with one another.

Send Link to Connected Devices on Brave Browser

Browsers like Brave don’t come every day. As such applications are designed specifically to enhance the internet user experience. Now that, Brave has finally come forward to take over the internet with a storm, the developers have decided to more facilities to the browser.

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The manufacturers of Brave are aware of the demand of users, who are willing to be more productive by sending browser data from one device to another. That’s why they have provided the Sync facility, to keep up with the demand of internet users.

How Do I Send Link to Connected Devices on Brave Browser?

Time needed: 2 minutes.

To share links, bookmarks, addresses, history, passwords, or any browsing data, users are required to enable the Brave Sync. So their browser can operate exactly in the commanded manner.

  1. Enable Brave Sync

    The sync facility is available within Brave and can be enabled from the browser’s menu. Here’s what you need to do to trigger it:

    Enable Brave Sync
    a. Launch Brave Browser and click on the Menu icon.

    b. Select the Sync option.

    c. Click on Start a new sync chain.

    d. Select the device of your choice.

    e. Codes for connecting devices will be shown within the browser’s interface.

    QR code is for scanning through a smartphone and the 12-digit code is for connecting brave with another computer.

  2. Send Link to Connected Device

    Once your devices are synchronized with one another, you can then start to send links to the connected device.

    a. Launch the web page, that you would like to send.

    b. Right-click on that web page and select Send to your devices.

    c. Choose a device of your choice and voila!


How Does Brave Sync Work?

Brave sync allows one to share browser data from one device to another. A user isn’t required to add a Google account, to benefit from this facility.

How Can I Set Up Brave Sync?

You have to start a sync chain to make Brave Sync work on your devices. By using the security codes, connect your devices securely and safely.

Does Brave Offer A Chance to Earn?

Yes, by giving an option of watching Brave’s privacy-related ads, the browser lets you earn BAT cryptocurrency.

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