How to Search Text and Find on Page in Safari Mac [2022]

Like to Search Text and Find on Page in Safari Mac?

I’ve written a guide to help my readers search for words on a page on Mac. The drafted method is presented specifically for individuals who are new to using the Safari browser and want to locate words, from a web page.

Search Text and Find on Page in Safari Mac

Safari is undoubtedly one of the most compatible and fastest web browsers. Its best suited for macOS and iOS consumers, because it’s a product of Apple Inc. As many of the good services are kept in the browser, one of which is identifying text from a web page.

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Various users are unaware of the procedure required to launch the on-page search box, as they are unaware of the procedure to launch it. That’s why I have decided to deliver the process to reveal the find box in Safari for Mac.

How Do I Search Text and Find on Page in Safari Mac?

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Users can use the shortcut key i.e; Command + F key to launch the find box instantly. But if that trick doesn’t get the job done, perform the following method to force launch the search facility.

  1. Search and Find On-Page

    The usage of the menu bar is recommended to trigger the find on-page box in Safari Mac. There are plenty of good options available inside the menu, one of which is the Find option. Let’s see the proper procedure to do this:

    a. Open Safari on your Mac device.

    b. Visit the website of your choice.

    c. Click on the Edit menu.

    d. Navigate to the Find tab.

    e. Click on the Find option.

    f. Type the word inside the search bar to locate it.

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