How to Search Text and Find on Page in Safari iOS [2022]

Want to Search Text and Find on Page in Safari iOS?

I would like to describe the whole procedure of finding on-page content, by using the search facility on Safari. As there isn’t any shortcut key to accomplish such a goal, you will have to perform the proper method to facilitate yourself from find on-page.

Search Text and Find on Page in Safari iOS

It’s never too difficult to use and understand the facilities, provided by Safari. Apple has made sure that users are given the opportunity to facilitate themselves from the user-friendly interface, which is easy to overcome.

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The same theory implies on users willing to search for text on Safari. As they have the option of using the Find On-Page service, to locate text on a web page. They just have to use it correctly, after launching the website of their choice.

How Do I Search Text and Find on Page in Safari iOS?

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Gladly, the Find On-Page option is enabled by default on Safari. So there’s no need of navigating to the browser’s preferences, but only trigger the facility from the menu, whenever required.

  1. Find Text on Safari Webpage

    After launching a web page on your Safari browser, you get to claim the facility of searching for text on-page. Else, the facility won’t work. Here are the proper steps to complete this task:

    a. Launch Safari on your iOS device.

    b. Visit the web page of your choice on Safari.

    c. Tap on the Menu icon.

    d. Select the Find on Page option.

    e. Now, type the word or sentence, you would like to be found.


How to search for words on a web page in iOS?

You can use the Find On-Page facility on Safari, to locate your preffered words or phrases on a web page.

Are you allowed to search textual content on Safari?

Safari doesn’t restrict you from searching textual content. It even lets you search an entire web page and locate your preffered content without having to concern with any third-party tools.

Can I Use Cmd + F shortcut to find text on iOS?

No, for now, there’s no option of using the Cmd + F keys shortcut to enable the Find On-Page facility on Safari. You still have to trigger it from the browser’s menu.

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