How to Search and Find on Page on Brave Browser [2022]

Brave Browser is continuously getting more popular day by day. With this much speed, it seems like it will soon cross the Opera Browser and will compete with Mozilla Firefox.

Somehow Google Chrome is way out of the league for Brave Browser. Brave can never be Chrome by the way you don’t know that Brave is funded by Crypto. Also, they are planning to launch their own search engine. It means we can see the brave browser indexing links in the future.

Since the Brave Browser caught the hype, I and my team dealt with a lot of queries about the brave browser daily. Still, the list is not ending. So just like in previous days, we are again with another useful guide on Brave. It is a basic guide on Search and Find on Page on Brave Browser.

If we explain the topic in keyboard shortcuts then it will be like, Ctrl F and give Command to search. It helps you to find a specific term on a whole web page.

No matter how many times it will appear the search will find and highlight it for you. Also while writing a blog you can use this option to find a specific term and it will let you replace the word in all sentences where it is used.

By the way, keyboard shortcuts are the same for almost all browsers till we used them. Especially when you are using Windows OS. MacOS users just need to press Cmd instead of Ctrl.

How to Search and Find on Page on Brave

Here is the way to use search and Find on Page on Brave Browser. The find and search feature brings up the search results within seconds. You can go through the results to quickly find what you are looking for.

  1. Find on Page in the Brave browser:
    Search and Find on Page on Brave Browser

    Here are the steps to use Find on Page in the Brave browser:

    1. Launch Brave browser on your computer.
    2. Open the page you want to search for and find a particular word.
    3. Click on the More icon (horizontal 3bar) menu and select the Find option.
    4. Enter the phrase/word that you want to find.
    Search and Find on Page on Brave Browser
    Alternatively, you can also use this function by pressing the Ctrl/Cmd + F keys simultaneously. The Brave browser keyboard shortcut saves you time.

    To close the Search Widget, you can simply click on the cross button beside the Widget, Or, you can simply press the ESC (Escape) Button.

Since it is such a helpful feature, we wrote the article to assist our viewers and Brave Browser’s new users in learning how to perform this function. Users can Search and Find on Page on Brave Brave browser and boost their productivity.

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