How to Search and Find on Page in Chrome [2022]

Want to Search and Find on Page in Chrome?

In this article, I have written a method to help Chrome users enable the On-Page search facility. Of course, such a facility can be triggered by pressing the Ctrl + F shortcut key. And users can benefit from this facility to locate their required text from the web page.

Search and Find on Page in Chrome

Chrome comes with many good services, which are easy to trigger and many internet users can benefit from them. But the problem is that not many users know how to enable such services, resulting-in, they get stuck with the browser’s settings and menu.

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However, most of the services can be triggered from Chrome’s menu. Because the Developers mode and Chrome flags are only meant for programmers, who want to add some extra facilities, to their favorite web browser.

How Do I Search and Find on Page in Chrome?

Time needed: 1 minute.

The Find on Page option is available within the browser’s menu. And individuals can use this facility to search for their preffered text from a web page. All they have to do is to trigger this facility and then use the provided search bar to get the required search results.

  1. Find on Page in Chrome

    a. Open the Chrome browser on your PC.

    b. Visit the website of your choice on it.

    c. Click on the three-dotted icon to launch Chrome’s menu.

    d. Select the Find option.

    e. Type the desired search term in the given bar and use the navigation keys to locate them.

    Find on Page in Chrome
    The shortcut key to enable Find On-Page in Chrome:

    i. Windows: Ctrl + F
    ii. Mac: Cmd + F

FAQs: Find on Page in Chrome

How to search for text on a page in Chrome?

Users can trigger the find-on-page facility in Chrome to look out for word/words on a web page. They can use the shortcut key (Ctrl + F) to trigger this facility instantly.

Can I Ctrl + F multiple words?

The only problem with find-on-page is that you are only allowed to search for a word/sentence at an instant. You are not allowed to search for multiple words/sentences at the same time.

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