How to Reset Safari on iPhone and iPad? [2022]

Want to Reset Safari on iPhone and iPad?

Safari browser is no different from the other browsers, even it starts responding laggy at times. So in such situations, when the default browser on your iOS device starts stuttering, you are required to reset it, to speed up its performance.

Reset Safari on iPhone

Every iPhone user is aware of the fact that Safari can’t be uninstalled on an iOS device. Because Apple hasn’t provided any option to complete this task. So the best option left for an iOS user is to reset the browser’s services, to make them more accessible.

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Likewise, resetting Safari requires executing various steps. It can be done from the iOS Settings and browser’s menu, as such an option is executable from both ends. But a good thing is that you don’t have to install any third-party app to get this job done.

How Do I Reset Safari on iPhone and iPad?

Time needed: 3 minutes.

Whenever you are facing trouble while browsing with Safari, it’s mainly due to the saved website data, as it may contain harmful scripts that are causing issues with the browser’s performance. So it would be best to keep such data clear, to make Safari work like a charm.

  1. Remove Safari Data

    Removing Safari’s data from the iOS settings can be good for users, who don’t want to compromise their browsing history. It will remove the browser’s data and help them launch Safari from scratch.

    a. Launch Settings and go to the Safari tab.

    b. Tap on the Clear History and Website Data option.

    c. Hit the Clear option to confirm your action.

  2. Clear Safari History

    If you prefer to complete this task from Safari’s menu, here are the steps to do so:

    a. From the main interface of Safari, tap on the Bookmarks icon.

    b. Navigate to the History tab (clock icon).

    c. Tap on the Clear option.

    d. Select the All Time option to remove all data.

  3. Reset iPhone

    Another good way of removing data from default apps like Safari is to reset your iPhone. It would also help you reinstall Safari on your iOS device, as it will remove all the saved data from the device.

    So before proceeding, if you have any important data saved, create a backup, so you can restore it, once the resetting is done.

    a. Open the Settings app.

    b. Navigate to General.

    c. Go to Reset.

    d. Tap on Erase All Content and Settings.

    e. Confirm your identity to proceed.


Can I Reset Safari Back to Normal?

In case you are having performance issues with the Safari browser, you should reset it. For that navigate to Settings >> Safari and select the “Clear History and Website Data” link to proceed.

How to Refresh Safari on My iPhone?

If you only want to refresh Safari, you need to navigate to the browser’s Bookmarks section. And from there, go to the History tab and tap on the Clear button to refresh it.

Where is The Refresh Button on Safari?

The refresh button is available within the URL bar on Safari. You can tap on that button to refresh or reload any web page, so it could upload proper and with updated content.

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