How to Request Desktop Site on Safari iOS? [2022]

Want to Request Desktop Site on Safari iOS?

If you are interested in viewing the desktop website on your iPhone or iPad, assist with the following guide. As I have written a method that would help you in triggering the desktop view of your desired website using Safari on iOS.

Request Desktop Site on Safari iOS

Mobile view of websites is delivered in Safrai, to enhance user experience. It is meant to accelerate the speed of browsing and to allow users to bypass some popups and cookies data, so their mobile device can respond instantly to the designated tasks.

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On some websites, some of the major artifacts get hidden in the mobile web pages. The developer team removes some scripts from the mobile webpages, to keep their website’s speed according to Google’s PageSpeed Insights.

That’s why many internet users prefer to access the desktop view of websites, to access the programmed webpages, which are hidden from the mobile view. So they can easily navigate to different sections and get the required content easily.

How Do I Request Desktop Site on Safari iOS?

Time needed: 1 minute.

It’s quite amazing that you are not required to access any third-party services to trigger the desktop view on Safari. Because such a facility is available by default, you just have to trigger it from the browser’s setting, as you please.

  1. View Desktop Site on Safari

    Users are allowed to enable or disable the desktop mode on Safari, directly from the browser’s interface. They just need to command Safari, by implying the following steps:

    View Desktop Site on Safari
    a. Launch the Safari browser on your iOS device.

    b. Visit the website which you want to view in desktop mode.

    c. Once that website is launched, tap on the AA icon, placed beside the URL bar.

    d. Select the Request Desktop Website option.

    e. Allow the website to reload in desktop mode.


How to request desktop site on iOS 16?

On various iOS versions like iOS 14, 15, and 16, users need to tap on the AA icon – and select the Request Desktop Site option. Now, let Safari reload automatically in desktop mode.

Can I put Safari in desktop mode?

Yes, you are allowed to put Safari in Desktop Mode, as per your requirements. To do so, simply visit a website and use the AA menu to trigger the desktop site view on Safari.

How to disable desktop view on Safari?

If you have enabled desktop view on Safari, you need to reverse the process, to disable it. For that, tap on the AA icon and select the Disable Desktop Mode option.

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