How to Remove Google Account from Chrome iOS [2022]

Want to Remove your Google Account from Chrome iOS?

In this article, I will be representing a method for signing out of a Google account from Chrome on iPhone and iPad. The procedure is pretty simple, and you can perform it easily, once you have gotten the right instructions.

Remove Google Account from Chrome iOS

When it comes to using Google Chrome, it’s best that you have signed into the browser. This way, you get to make the most out of the tech giant’s product. And, you also get to claim various services like synchronizing your browsing data from one device to another.

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In situations when you have more than one account, it gets a little complicated for you to manage the sync activities. So it’s always better to have fewer accounts in one browser, to avoid any mistakes that may affect your productivity.

How Do I Remove Google Account from Chrome iOS?

Time needed: 1 minute.

Chrome gives you full freedom of managing account activities, as you please. You are not required to navigate to iOS settings to complete this task. Because such options are available within the browser’s preferences.

  1. Signing Out of Google Account on Chrome

    a. Open the Chrome browser on your iOS device.

    b. Tap on the three-dotted icon to get the browser menu.

    c. Tap on the Settings option.

    d. To get the whole of signed-in accounts, tap on signed-in Google Account.

    e. Choose a Google Account that you want to remove.

    Remove Google Account from Chrome iOS
    f. Hit the Remove account from this device link.

    g. Now to confirm your action, tap on the Remove button.

FAQs: Remove Google Account

How to Signout of Chrome on iPhone or iPad?

Simply navigate to the Browser’s settings and view the list of accounts that are currently signed in. Now, select an account from the provided list, and tap on the Removed account link to proceed.

Can I Remove Primary Account from Chrome iOS?

Yes, no matter which device you are using Chrome. You are always allowed to remove your primary account from the browser.

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