How to Reinstall Safari on iPhone? [2022]

Want to Reinstall Safari on iPhone?

I have added some solutions to help individuals reinstall Safari on their iOS devices. There’s no need to consult with any third-party apps but only execute this operation directly from the App Store or iOS Settings.

Reinstall Safari on iPhone

Due to Safari’s crashing issue, many users who prefer to use the built-in services, consider reinstalling the browser. But the problem with that consideration is that you can only reinstall an app, after uninstalling it.

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However, if you are willing to reinstall Safari on your iOS device, no need to worry at all. Because finally, I have come up with a workaround that would help you in reinstall this default browser and refreshing the iOS settings, to make Safari finally work like a charm.

How Do I Reinstall Safari on iPhone?

Time needed: 3 minutes.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand the procedure of installing Safari on your iPhone. All you go to do is to perform one solution from this section.

  1. Reset iPhone’s Home Screen

    If Safari’s icon is missing from your iPhone’s home screen, it doesn’t mean that the browser is uninstalled from your mobile. It may be because you have accidentally removed the browser’s icon to make space for the third-party apps.

    It would be best to first reset your iPhone’s home screen, to know for sure, whether Safari is still available or not.

    a. Launch Settings and navigate to General

    b. Tap on the Reset button.

    c. Now, select Reset Home Screen Layout.

    d. Go back to the home screen, to check whether Safari is back or not.

  2. Reinstall Safari

    The best way of reinstalling Safari on your iPhone is through the App Store. If you have signed in with your Apple ID, you can install Safari from there.

    a. Launch the App Store on your iPhone.

    b. Use the search bar to open Safari.

    c. Tap on the Get button to install it.

    d. Once it is installed, tap on the Open button.

  3. Factory Reset your iPhone

    Factory resetting will help you in getting back all the default apps on your iPhone. But you need to create a backup before proceeding, this action will remove all the data present on your iOS device.

    a. From iOS Settings, go to General.

    b. Navigate to the Reset tab.

    c. Tap on Reset All Content and Settings.

    d. Confirm your action by tapping on Erase iPhone.

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