How to Print and Save Web Page as PDF on Chrome Android [2022]

Ought to Print and Save Web Page as PDF on Chrome Android?

Today’s guide is about helping users save their desired web pages as PDF on Chrome for Android. I have drafted a straightforward solution that would work well for individuals willing to print or save a web page as a PDF.

Print and Save Web Page as PDF on Chrome Android

It isn’t very difficult to perform operations in Google Chrome, as it contains a user-friendly UI, which can be used to trigger various operations instantly. And one thing that’s most preffered by users, is that the browser is available for all the major platforms.

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For productivity or educational purposes, there comes a time when you have to print or save a web page. And I think that Google knows that, which is why their developer’s team has added the service of printing or saving any web page as a PDF file.

How Do I Print and Save Web Page as PDF on Chrome Android?

Time needed: 1 minute.

As you can’t install any third-party on Chrome for Android, you can complete the task of saving a webpage as a PDF, directly from the browser’s menu. Similarly, you are not required to install any extra application on your mobile, to add this facility, because it’s made available by default.

  1. Save Web Page as PDF on Chrome

    The option of saving a PDF file is available within the Sharing options. From there you have to opt to print the web page and save it as a PDF, in a folder destination of your choice. Here’s the explanation with screenshots to complete this task.

    a. Launch Google Chrome and visit any website on it.

    Save Web Page as PDF on Chrome
    b. Tap on the three-dotted menu icon and select the Share option.

    c. From the web page sharing options page, tap on the Print icon.

    d. Tap on the Drop-Down menu and choose the Save As PDF option.

    e. Hit the Download PDF button and choose where you want to save your file.

FAQs: Print and Save Pages As PDF on Chrome

How to Print Web Pages on Chrome?

After visiting a web page, that you want to print, go to Chrome’s menu and select the Share option. Now, choose the Print command. Afterward, make the appropriate web page printing selections and tap on the Print option.

Can I Save Web Pages As PDF on Chrome Offline?

Yes, every user is allowed to save web pages as PDF, while using Chrome offline. Because that web page is saved within the cache memory of Chrome.

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