How to Open Recently Closed Tabs in Safari Mac [2022]

Want to Open Recently Closed Tabs in Safari Mac?

I have added three different solutions to help my readers reopen the closed tabs on the Safari browser. To help users in time when some Safari’s services stop working, so they can still open the closed tabs, as they please.

Open Recently Closed Tabs in Safari Mac

Mac users always prefer to use Safari and keep it their default web browser. As it is the product of the manufacturer of their devices. So it’s totally compatible with the macOS, allowing users to experience lag-free browsing.

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If you are someone who is new to using Safari and doesn’t know how to reopen the recently closed window, I will try to guide you well. I have written several methods to help you accomplish such a goal.

How Do I Open Recently Closed Tabs in Safari Mac?

There are three different methods that can be implied on Safari for Mac, to open the recently closed tabs. All of such services can be triggered while Safari is launched, and without consulting with any third-party services.

  1. Use Shortcut Key

    An easy and foremost way to access recently closed tabs is by using the shortcut key to complete this task. In that case, your keyboard must be alive-n-kicking, while you have launched Safari.

    Simply, press the CMD + Shift + Del keys simultaneously from your keyboard to launch the most recently closed tab/window in Safari.

  2. Reopen Recently Closed Tabs

    Another way of launching the recently closed is from the new tab section. You will get a list of tabs that you have launched recently, you can choose whichever tab you would like to launch.

    a. While Safari is launched, right-click on the + icon (present beside the URL bar).

    b. A list of recently launched tabs will be shown to you.

    c. Select a tab that you would like to launch currently.

  3. Open Closed Tabs

    There’s no denying that Safari can be trusted, so if you haven’t disabled the history feature, you can access any website, which you have visited in the past.

    a. Launch Safari on your computer.

    b. From the menu bar, navigate to the History tab.

    c. Select the date from which you want to retrieve the closed tab.

    d. Choose a tab, which you would like to open currently.


How to undo closing all tabs on Safari?

If you have mistakenly closed any tab while using Safari on your computer, you can simply click on the New Tabs option to revive them.

Can I restore all the closed tabs in Safari Mac?

Yes, you are allowed to restore all the closed tabs in Safari for Mac. You just have to perform the aforementioned methods to complete this task.

Why did all of my tabs disappear from Safari?

The reason behind this issue is numerous, it can be because of the browser’s cache or a problem in the firmware of your Mac device.

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