How to Open Recently Closed Tabs in Safari iOS [2022]

Ought to Open Recently Closed Tabs in Safari iOS?

If you are interested in launching the recently closed tabs on Safari browser, you can consult with this article. As I have written two separate solutions to help you reopen the closed web pages, using Safari on iPhone or iPad.

Open Recently Closed Tabs in Safari iOS

Safari is the most preffered web browser by Apple users. And it deserves to be one of the top-notch browsers, as it never leaks a user’s privacy, nor it does provide any laggy experience, while a client is using its services.

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Not many users are aware of the procedure required to open recently closed tabs in iOS Safari. Because such a facility can’t be triggered from the browser’s menu. A user has to perform some manual steps, to accomplish this goal.

How Do I Open Recently Closed Tabs in Safari iOS?

Time needed: 2 minutes.

There’s no need of involving any third-party services to open the recently closed tabs in Safari for iPhone or iPad. Because such a task can be initiated, directly from the browser’s interface.

  1. Open Recently Closed Tabs

    In case you just want to launch the most recently closed tabs on Safari, you are only required to use the tabs menu, to complete this task.

    a. Launch Safari on your iOS device.

    b. Hit the Tabs icon.

    c. Tap-n-hold on the + icon.

    d. Select the recently closed tabs in Safari.

  2. Open Closed Tabs

    If you are only interested in launching the tabs, that you have visited a long-time ago, you can complete such a task, from the browser’s history.

    a. After launching Safari, tap on the Book icon.

    b. From the launched menu, select navigate to the History section.

    c. Choose the tab, that you want to reopen on Safari.


Can I restore all the closed tabs in Safari iOS?

Yes, you are allowed to restore all the closed tabs in Safari for iOS. You just have to perform the aforementioned methods to complete this task.

How to undo closing all tabs on Safari?

If you have mistakenly closed any tab while using Safari on mobile, you can simply long-tap on the New Tabs option to revive them.

Why did all of my tabs disappear from Safari?

The reason behind this issue is numerous, it can be because of the browser’s cache or a problem in the firmware of your mobile.

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