How to Navigate Forward and Backward in Chrome Android [2022]

Finding it difficult to Navigate Forward and Backward in Chrome Android?

No need to worry because I have added individual methods to help my readers navigate forward and backward while browsing on Chrome for Android. The methods are pretty straightforward and are easy to imply.

Navigate Forward and Backward in Chrome Android

Google ensures to satisfy the online client’s who prefer to use its services. Like on Chrome, you get to perform all the nesscary tasks with the help of the browser’s menu.

And, navigating forward and backward isn’t any different. One can easily go to the previously visited website and come back to the currently visiting webpage whenever he please.

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Though, a user has to learn about the right ways to use forward and backward icons on Chrome Android, to benefit from these features.

How Do I Navigate Forward and Backward in Chrome Android?

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Here are the separate methods for manipulating webpage navigation in Google Chrome Android. You are allowed to use any method, which you find according to your requirements.

  1. Navigate Forward in Chrome Android

    Forward navigation is provided within Chrome for Android, to help individuals get back to the webpage.
    Navigate Forward in Chrome Android
    a. While Chrome is launched, navigate to the menu bar.

    b. Simply tap on the Forward icon (→).

    c. In case, the forward icon is greyed-out, it means that you haven’t moved backward and there’s no tab for forwarding.

  2. Navigate Backward in Chrome Android

    If you visited various web pages on Chrome, you can navigate backward, at any instance, by implying the following procedure:

    a. While visiting websites on Chrome, go to the app’s menu.

    b. Tap on the Backward icon (<). (you can also swipe back to get to the recently launched page)

    c. You’ll be navigated to the website that you visited recently.


Is reverse navigation possible in Chrome Android?

Yes, reverse navigation is provided by Chrome to help individuals get back to whatever webpage they visited recently, without closing any tabs.

How to get back the reverse button in Chrome?

In case you are unable to locate the reverse button in Chrome, it’s mainly because the browser is outdated. So you should update it from the play store and then check for the backward < button.

How to navigate back to a specific webpage in Chrome Android?

If you have recently launched multiple websites or pages, and you want to visit a specific webpage, it’s better to consult with the browsing history and select the webpage that you want to visit currently.

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