How to Import and Export Bookmarks in Chrome [2022]

Fancy Import and Export Bookmarks in Chrome?

In this guide, I’m going to discuss separate methods of importing and exporting bookmark files in Google Chrome. To help users, stay active and keep using Chrome on multiple devices, with the same bookmarks data.

Import and Export Bookmarks in Chrome

Thanks to the various facilities provided by the tech giant, internet users can keep using Chrome, without complaining. Because undoubtedly, it’s one of the most highly-featured web browsers in the market, that’s free and safe to use.

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One good feature of Google Chrome is that it helps you import or export bookmarks from one device to another. Without bothering you with any lame configurations, it actually allows you to use Chrome on various devices, with your own laws.

How Do I Import and Export Bookmarks in Chrome?

Time needed: 3 minutes.

Users are required to implement separate methods to execute exporting or importing of bookmarks in Chrome. What’s common in these procedures is that the bookmarks file should in the HTML format, so the web browser can support it.

Let’s dive into the details to complete this task:

  1. Import Bookmarks in Chrome

    Importing bookmarks from Chrome requires the execution of a procedure to help you only import the bookmarks file in HTML.

    Import Bookmarks in Chrome
    a. Launch Chrome and click on the Menu button.

    b. Select Bookmarks and hit Manage Bookmarks.

    c. Hit the three-dotted menu icon.

    d. Click on Import Bookmarks.

    e. Select a bookmarks file and click on the Open button.

  2. Export Bookmarks in Chrome

    From your browser library, you have to export the bookmarks file in HTML, to make them accessible to other browsers.

    Export Bookmarks in Chrome
    a. Click on the Menu icon (Firefox’s menu).

    b. Navigate to Bookmarks and click on Manage Bookmarks.

    c. Now, select Export Bookmarks.

    d. Choose the file destination of your choice and click on the Save button.


Does Google Chrome Allow Exporting of Bookmarks?

Yes, Google Chrome allows every user to export bookmarks to the device’s storage. Though the exported files are within HTML format, so there’s no difficulty in importing them, in the future.

Can I Transfer Chrome Bookmarks on My Other Computer?

You need to first export Chrome bookmarks on your computer and then transfer the exported to your new PC. For that, you can either email the saved HTML file or transfer it via USB, as you please.

Where Are My Chrome Bookmarks Saved?

All your Chrome bookmarks are saved in the library section, by default. But if you export them, you get to decide the folder destination of your choice.

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