How to Hard Refresh and Reload Webpage in Chrome Android [2022]

Want to Hard Refresh and Reload Webpage in Chrome Android?

In my article, I have enlisted two different methods to help you refresh chrome tabs and reload them, whenever you please. But you do need to perform the proper procedure to get this job done, both of which I have written below.

Hard Refresh and Reload Webpage in Chrome Android

It’s never too late to refresh a tab, to access the updated content from your website. The auto-refresh facility isn’t enabled by default on Chrome, and if you want it that way, you have to keep refreshing tabs manually.

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Gladly, some workarounds can be implied to hard refresh Chrome tabs and web pages. So the app can start responding correctly, according to the client’s request.

How Do I Hard Refresh and Reload Webpage in Chrome Android?

Time needed: 1 minute.

You can’t directly hard refresh and reload the webpage on Chrome for Android. You need to clear the Chrome cache and refresh the opened tabs manually.

  1. Clear Site Data

    By clearing Chrome’s cache, you will be removing all the saved website data from your mobile device. This would help in removing all the cookies files that are bieng saved for so long.

    a. Launch Chrome and tap on the Menu icon.

    b. From the appearing menu, select Settings.

    c. Go to the Site Settings section.

    d. Tap on All Sites.

    e. Choose a webpage that you would like to refresh.

    f. Tap on the Clear & Reset button.

  2. Refresh Webpage

    Once the site data is removed from Chrome, you can then refresh it. This would be hard-refreshing now because all the data associated with that website has been removed.

    a. Visit a webpage on Chrome.

    b. Tap on the Menu button.

    c. Hit the Refresh button.


How to refresh Chrome tabs?

You can refresh any Chrome tab from the menu of the browser. Also, while a webpage is launched, swipe down and Chrome will refresh it for you.

How to force refresh Chrome Android?

If you want to force refresh Chrome on Android, you need to clear all the browsing data from it. So from the Menu bar, navigate to History. Now, tap on the Clear Browsing Data button to force refresh it.

What should I do to hard refresh Chrome Android?

You are required to perform two steps to hard refresh Chrome for Android. First of all, clear the site data and then refresh it from the Menu bar.

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