How to Hard Refresh and Reload Page in Firefox? [2022]

Willing to Hard Refresh and Reload Page in Firefox?

Today’s guide is about helping Mozilla users hard refresh a webpage in Firefox. So that such users can reload that webpage after clearing the site cookies and cache data. Such a facility can be very beneficial for individuals willing to avoid any errors while visiting websites on Firefox.

Hard Refresh and Reload Page in Firefox

Firefox browser has different kind of fanbase. But it’s mostly preffered by users who are into using a Chrome alternative on their computer. As this Mozilla product comes with all the good features one would expect from a chromium-based browser.

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Just like any other browser, Firefox also stores a website’s data in its cache memory, which can be problematic at times, when you are willing to reload the webpage, without any interruption. In that case, you need to hard refresh the webpage to make it work faster.

How Do I Hard Refresh and Reload Page in Firefox?

Time needed: 2 minutes.

The process of refreshing/reloading a webpage remains the same for Windows, Linux, and Mac users. As you are only asked to click on the Refresh button, placed beside the URL bar. But to hard refresh and reload it, you can use the shortcut keys to complete this task.

  1. Hard Refresh in Firefox for Windows and Linux

    Windows and Linux OS users can benefit from the same Firefox shortcuts to hard refresh and reload a webpage. Here are the two commands that can be used to force refresh a webpage:
    Hard Refresh in Firefox for Windows and Linux
    a. Press the Ctrl + Shift + R keys simultaneously.

    b. Press the Ctrl + F5 keys together.

  2. Hard Refresh in Firefox for MacOS

    Applications run in a different manner on macOS devices. In that case, Mac users are required to take advantage of the following commands to hard refresh and reload a webpage:
    Hard Refresh in Firefox for macOS
    a. Press the Command + Shift + R keys together.

    b. While pressing the Shift button from your keyboard, click on the Reload button simultaneously.

FAQs: Hard Refresh Firefox

How to refresh Firefox tabs?

You can refresh any Firefox tab from the menu of the browser. Also, while a webpage is launched, press the F5 button and Firefox will refresh it for you.

What should I do to hard refresh Chrome Computer?

You are required to perform two steps to hard refresh Firefox for Computer. First of all, clear the site data and then refresh it from the Menu bar. But while refreshing a web page, press-n-hold the Ctrl button is the shortcut way of doing this.

How to force refresh Firefox Computer?

If you want to force refresh Firefox on your Computer, you need to clear all the browsing data from it. So from the Menu bar, press the CTRL + Shift + Del keys. Now, tap on the Clear Browsing Data button to force refresh it.

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