How to Hard Refresh and Reload a Page in Chrome Computer? [2022]

Like to Hard Refresh and Reload a Page in Chrome Computer?

If you are having trouble with loading webpages on Chrome, even after refreshing them multiple times, no need to fret. Because now you are in need of implying a hard refresh for that webpage, so it can reload without any issues.

Hard Refresh and Reload a Page in Chrome Computer

Google never forbids a user from making modifications to boost the browser’s performance. But it only helps a user by allowing him to trigger some functionalities for a better user experience.

On some occasions, when you try loading a website on Chrome and get stuck in the loop, even after implying a refresh process, you get frustrated.

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Such frustration is reasonable, but instead of getting frustrated, you should perform a hard refresh, so that your browser could load the website, after clearing its cache.

How Do I Hard Refresh and Reload a Page in Chrome Computer?

Time needed: 1 minute.

No need of getting into the settings of Chrome, to hard refresh or reload a web page. This can be done directly from the web page’s interface, while it’s launched on Chrome.

  1. Hard Refreshing a Webpage on Chrome

    It’s nesscary that you remove a website’s cache, to hard refresh it. Because only then, you will not be annoyed by the previously saved cookies and cache data of that page.

    Hard Refreshing a Webpage on Chrome
    a. Launch Google Chrome on your computer.

    b. Visit the website that’s troubling you.

    c. Long-press the CTRL button from your keyboard. (for macOS users, it’s the cmd button)

    d. Now, click once on the Refresh button.

    e. The website will load after Chrome has cleared its cache.


How to refresh Chrome tabs?

You can refresh any Chrome tab from the menu of the browser. Also, while a webpage is launched, press the F5 button and Chrome will refresh it for you.

What should I do to hard refresh Chrome Computer?

You are required to perform two steps to hard refresh Chrome. First of all, clear the site data and then refresh it from the Menu bar. But while refreshing a web page, press-n-hold the Ctrl button is the shortcut way of doing this.

How to force refresh Chrome Computer?

If you want to force refresh Chrome on your Computer, you need to clear all the browsing data from it. So from the Menu bar, press the CTRL + Shift + Del keys. Now, tap on the Clear Browsing Data button to force refresh it.

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