How to Force Quit Safari on Mac Computer [2022]

Ought to Force Quit Safari on Mac?

Today’s article is about helping individuals who are unable to close the frozen Safari browser on their Mac devices. I’ll deliver multiple solutions for that cause so that if one method doesn’t help them, they can perform another procedure to quit Safari.

Force Quit Safari on Mac

It’s not normal to get Safari frozen on a Mac device. But when you have launched multiple tabs on it and a website’s cookies start to respond badly with the browser’s resources, you might get to bear the frozen Safari situation.

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Apple has provided multiple solutions to help a user deal with a frozen app. Because the developers are aware of the fact that there comes a time when even the default macOS apps start to respond laggy, according to a user’s request.

How Do I Force Quit Safari on Mac?

There are multiple ways to Force Quit Safari on Mac Computer. Users can acquire the services of Apple Menu, Force Quit Menu, or Activity Monitor, to exit a frozen app. And if nothing works, force restarts the Mac device by using some keyboard shortcuts.

  1. Using Apple Menu

    a. While Safari is launched on your Mac device, click on the Apple icon from the menu bar.

    Force Quit Safari on Mac via Apple Menu
    b. Select the Force Quite Safari option from the Apple Menu.

    c. Wait until the browser is closed.

    d. You can also right-click on the Safari icon from the dock and select Force Quit.

  2. Using Force Quit Menu

    a. Press the Command + Option + Esc keys from your Mac keyboard.

    b. From the Force Quite window, select the Safari browser.

    Force Quit Safari on Mac via Force Quite Menu
    c. After selecting the browser, click on the Force Quit button.

  3. Using Activity Monitor

    a. Press the Command + Space keys simultaneously.

    b. From the Spotlight Search, open the Activity Monitor.

    Force Quit Safari on Mac via Activity Monitor
    c. Select the Safari browser from the Activity Monitor.

    d. Once Safari is selected, click on the X button to close it.

  4. Force Restart Mac

    a. If you want to save all changes and Restart your Mac safely, press the Control + Option + Cmd + Power keys from your Mac keyboard.

    Force Restart Mac
    b. In case this shortcut is of no help, press the Control + Cmd + Power buttons, to force restart your Mac device.

FAQs: Force Quit Frozen Safari

What happens when you force quit Safari?

All of your unsaved browsing data is lost, when you forcefully quit Safari. So if your browser is in working condition, please save your work first, and then close it.

What to do if Safari freezes on Mac?

The best way is to Force Quite Safari. But if your browser is freezing from time to time, you should update the macOS and Safari, and try removing the website data from Safari.

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