How to Fix Slow Google Chrome [2022]

I am writing to help my readers improve the performance of Slow Google Chrome. Because I have read, hear, and seen cases where users are unable to make the most out of their favorite internet browser.

And that’s why I have decided to deliver some workarounds for individuals to bypass this Chrome’s performance issue on a Windows or Mac device.

Slow Google Chrome

Chrome’s performance issue is unusually triggered by hungry resource processes or extensions.

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So what you need to do is to remove all the processes from the background, to help your device provide a good amount of resources to Chrome, for its smooth performance.

Common Workarounds to Enhance Chrome’s Performance

Before jumping into performing customizations with the system or Chrome’s services, I would like you to try some of the following common procedures to improve the browsing speed on Chrome:

1. Check the speed of your internet connection and ensure that the downloading speed is above or equal to 25 Mbps.

2. Scan your computer and keep it clean of malware.

3. Make sure that Chrome is updated to the latest version.

4. Enable Hardware Acceleration from Chrome Settings.

5. Navigate to chrome://flags and disable Experimental QUIC Protocol

6. Update your OS (Windows or Mac).

7. Reinstall Chrome on your device.

How Do I Fix Slow Google Chrome?

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Here are some workarounds that can be implied to bypass any performance-related issues on Google Chrome.

  1. Clear Chrome Cache

    The very first thing that I’m recommending you do is to clear the cache memory and cookies data in Chrome.
    Clear Chrome Cache
    a. Click on the menu icon and select Settings.

    b. Select Privacy and Security from the left pane.

    c. Navigate to Clear Browsing Data.

    d. Ensure that you select All Time

    e. Besides passwords and sign-in data, check all the boxes.

    f. Click on the Clear Data button and confirm your activity.

  2. Remove Extensions

    Some extensions, especially the blockers can interrupt the resources required to launch Chrome smoothly. So it’s your job to keep the blockers and unwanted extensions away from your Chrome.

    a. Go to chrome://extensions/

    b. First of all, disable the blockers and then do the same with unwanted extensions.

    c. Now, relaunch Chrome.

  3. Optimize Network

    Maybe you are only facing trouble with using Chrome because some process keeps running in the background, that’s causing Chrome to not get the right amount of bandwidth or RAM to perform correctly.

    a. macOS: Launch the Activity Monitor and go to the Network section.

    b. Windows OS: Open the Resource Monitor utility and navigate to the Network tab.

    After going to the Network tab, you should close the apps and process that keeps running in the background.

  4. Improve Hardware

    You should consider some factors if you want to take pleasure in using Google Chrome.

    I’m only recommending you improve the hardware on your computer, to avoid any complications while using Chrome.

    If you are using a device with 4GB+ RAM, then you don’t need to improve it.

    But in case you keep using the HDD, you should now consider using SSD.

    Because solid-state drives are much faster than hard drives.

    Also, ensure that your computer is running on Intel-i3 or above processor.


Can I Speed Up Chrome?

Yes, you can implement various terminologies to improve your browser’s speed. Try removing the browser’s cache, remove extensions, and ensure that no resource-hungry apps are running in the background.

Why Does Chrome Keeps Slowing Down?

Either your network is not providing the right bandwidth or uploading speed, or you are facing this issue because some pending downloads are running in the background processes.

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