How to Fix Safari Keeps Crashing on iPhone/iPad? [2022]

Troubled by Safari Keeps Crashing on your iOS devices?

I’m writing methods to assist users in fixing Safari crashing on iPhone or iPad. So that, every user can keep benefiting from the default web browser on their mobile devices.

Safari Keeps Crashing

There isn’t any need of installing any third-party browsers on iOS devices, because Safari is good enough for every user. Apple ensures that nobody is troubled while benefiting from the built-in apps to the most out of their expensive devices.

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Even after trying to keep iOS devices clean of errors, some users keep getting irritated by Safari’s crashing issue. Well, such consumers can perform some modifications, if they want to keep using Safari on their iPhone or iPad.

How Do I Fix Safari Keeps Crashing on iPhone/iPad?

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Here are some troubleshooting tips/tricks for users who are facing trouble with using Safari because of its crashing problem.

  1. Restart your iOS Device

    It’s better to first restart your iOS, before performing any customizations with the system. That would be of great convenience for your device’s system, to help it remove all the junk files and make a fresh start by restarting the resources for you.

    For that, you need to press the one volume key and the side button simultaneously. Now, from the appearing slider, shut down your iOS device. After waiting for about 30 seconds, turn it back on by long-pressing the side button, until you see the Apple logo.

  2. Update iOS

    That outdated iOS can be very problematic, it would allow the built-in apps to update to the latest version. So it’s your job to ensure that the iOS is updated to the latest version, available in the market.

    a. Launch Settings and go to General.

    b. Navigate to the Software Update tab.

    c. Tap on the Download and Install button to install the latest iOS version.

  3. Clear History and Data

    The saved app’s data can be very problematic, especially the one that’s used to browse the internet. Because then, data from various websites gets stored in the shape of cookies. You need to clear the history and saved data of Safari.

    a. Open Settings

    b. Tap on Safari

    c. Under About Safari & Privacy, tap on Clear History & Data

    d. Confirm your action to proceed.

  4. Disable JavaScript

    Some websites use JavaScript as a source to add scripts to keep a user indulged. However, when JavaScript isn’t programmed correctly on a website, it starts messing with the browser’s services, making Safari crash on your iOS device.

    a. Launch Settings and go to Safari

    b. Navigate to Advanced

    c. Disable the JavaScript toggle.

  5. Turn Off Safari Sync

    The synchronization process is done in the background, it takes a lot of the device’s RAM to sync data to iCloud on your iPhone or iPad. It would be better for you to keep Safar’s sync process disabled for a while.

    a. Open iOS Settings.

    b. Navigate to your Profile settings and tap on iCloud.

    c. Disable the Safari toggle, from the appearing apps.

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