How to Fix Reopen Closed Tab Missing in Chrome [2022]

Reopen Closed Tab Missing in Chrome?

If you are unable to locate the Chrome Reopen Closed Tab, you need to keep reading the rest of this post. I have written some workarounds to help you keep benefiting from Chrome’s services if you have accidentally closed some tabs.

Reopen Closed Tab Missing in Chrome

Even the tech giant’s products aren’t free of lags. Some users get irritated by the Chrome reopen closed tab missing button issue. As this problem is triggered totally from the developer’s side, a client or end-user doesn’t many options to fix it.

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And even if you report the problem to the support team, you still need to wait until they contact you. So it would be better to locate the solutions that could help you get back the reopen closed tab facility in Chrome back again.

How Do I Fix Reopen Closed Tab Missing in Chrome?

Time needed: 2 minutes.

If you are using Chrome on your computer, you should first check out the Ctrl + Shift + T keys shortcut to launch the most recently closed tabs. And if that’s not working for you, only then perform the following procedure.

  1. Get Reopen Closed Tab in Chrome

    The reopen closed tab option is available within the History section of Chrome’s menu. A user can benefit from this facility, whenever he pleases. However, when a user restarts his device while Chrome is launched, the browser also gives the option of restoring the closed tabs.

    For some technical errors, if a user isn’t getting the Recent tabs options, here’s what he needs to do:

    a. Ensure that Chrome is updated to the latest version.

    Get Reopen Closed Tab in Chrome
    b. While the browser is launched, right-click on the empty header bar and select the Reopen Closed Tab option.


How to reopen closed tabs in Chrome Android?

One of the easiest ways of launching the recently closed tabs in Chrome Android is through the browser’s menu. Click here to get a detailed guide on this subject.

Is the reopen closed tab button removed from Chrome?

No, the Recently Closed option isn’t removed by the developers intentionally. It is still available in the Chrome menu, within the History section.

What is the reopen closed tab Chrome shortcut?

You can use the Ctrl + Shift + T keys to launch the recently closed tabs in Chrome. Though this shortcut only works on computers.

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