How To Fix Chrome Sync Is Paused, Sign In Again [2022]

Troubled by Chrome Sync Is Paused?

I have written solutions for individuals who are troubled by the sudden pause of synchronization in Chrome. As this problem mostly occurs on a Windows PC, I would like to tell you that it can be caused due to faulty browser configurations or outdated OS.

Chrome Sync Is Paused

Chrome is mostly famous because of its facility to sync data, allowing users to access the same data on multiple devices. With the help of synchronization, users get to benefit from the same bookmarks, and saved passwords on mobile and PC.

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But somehow many users are unable to take full advantage of the Chrome sync. As the service gets paused all of a sudden, some browsing data gets lost, because none of it is saved in the added account. So I’m gonna help my readers bypass this issue.

How Do I Fix Chrome Sync Is Paused, Sign In Again?

Time needed: 3 minutes.

The main behind the sudden Chrome Sync Is Paused issue is the browser’s faulty configurations. But it can also be triggered, just because you are currently using an outdated Windows OS. So it would be best to make Chrome values work with synchronization and update the installed OS.

  1. Disable Multilogin Endpoint

    Disable Multilogin Endpoint in Chrome
    a. Launch Google Chrome on your computer.

    b. Visit the chrome://flags URL, using the address bar.

    c. Type Multilogin in the search bar.

    d. Change the value of Use Multilogin Endpoint to Disabled.

  2. Add Google Account Cookies

    a. Visit the chrome://settings/ URL on Google Chrome.

    b. Select Privacy and Security from the left pane.

    Add Google Account Cookies
    c. Navigate to the Site Settings section.

    d. Go to the Cookies and Site Data tab.

    Add Google Account Cookies
    e. In front of Sites that can always use cookies, click on the Add button.

    f. Type in the appearing box and click on Add.

    g. Relaunch Google Chrome.

  3. Update Windows OS

    Update Windows OS
    a. Launch Windows Settings.

    b. Go to the Update & Security tab.

    c. Allow Windows to check for pending updates.

    d. Once checked, click on the Restart button to update OS.

FAQs: Chrome Sync

Why Is My Google Account Paused?

There might be a bug that’s causing your browser to pause the sync process. In that case, you should update Chrome and also keep your operating system updated to the latest version.

How to Unpause Sync in Chrome?

From the main interface of Chrome, click on your profile icon where you will see a Pause button. By clicking on this button, select the Unpause option.

Is it Safe To Stay Signed Into Chrome?

Yes, it’s totally safe to stay signed into Chrome. This action also allows you to benefit from the synchronization facility.

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